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The impact of the social media on businesses is there for all to see. Social media marketing has become an integral part of the digital marketing scene in the present day. There is many an inspiring tale that tells about how social media helped in sky-rocketing a business as it presents a level playing field for all sizes of business, big and small. It can help to greatly amplify the products and services of a business and help in taking it to new heights.

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Speculations About Social Media Marketing

There have been and have always been speculations about social media marketing amongst certain companies who feel that they simply can’t control what people talk on social media which can prove disadvantageous if there are one or two customers who are into negative advertising.

When we put that on paper and check, you will find that this is the same case for any kind of marketing strategy as unhappy customers always do that to you. Reality is that, those who talk will anyway keep talking about you irrespective of whether you have a social media presence or not! Therefore this should never stop businesses from using this highly progressive online marketing tool.

It is important that you make your presence felt. Social media presence does not merely mean that you own a social media page and keep posting promotions! It must be treated as a platform to establish a link with your customers and interact with them. Here are some tips that can help you come good on the social media.

  • Keep track of your online presence
  • Listen to what you customers have to say about you
  • Respond to customer queries – treat your customers on social media exactly as how you would treat them when they walk into your store.
  • Don’t get emotional with your customers online even if you know that they are not right!
  • Stay positive even when you are replying to a negative feedback
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