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SEO And Content- A Match Made In Heaven

The bond between Search Engine Optimisation and content is inevitable, indispensable and important. When a business registers its presence in the infinitely vast internet world, its prime goal is to gain a high ranking with search engines. And Google is the only search engine that is on everyone’s mind. Google reigns supreme and what it dictates is what shapes SEO.

It is no secret that Google loves good content. Long gone are the days when websites were plagued with low-quality content. Today, digital marketers offer exclusive content writing services driven by a team of hand-picked expert writers who are adept at the art of writing SEO-friendly content that appeals to Google’s algorithms.

While many factors drive SEO, it is more closely tied to the social exposure of the content in the current scenario. This is precisely why “Content is King”. Some may argue that mobile responsiveness, link building, and social media presence hold more SEO value. There’s no arguing that all these factors are indispensable for SEO. But when the content is weak, there is no way Google will sit up and take notice of the website.

Here are some easy and effective tips for writing content worthy of Google’s attention.

Effective tips that content writing services follow to create high-quality content

Your audience matters the most.

This tip is the first and foremost one for a good reason because most SEO strategies are created with the target audience in mind. When content does not fulfill the requirements or answer the audience’s queries, it loses its purpose, thereby its rankings. It does not mean that all the content should be only about the products or services. The content can be an interesting mix of anything that is industry-related. Audiences are looking for interesting and informative content- not for something that deviates from the core subject.

Keep an eye on competitors too.

The internet is one place where you can blatantly track what your competitors are up to. It is a proven SEO tactic to optimise a website for search engine rankings and sales conversions. Tracking competitors’ websites have one primary goal: To upgrade one’s website with better content that is unique and original. The trick is to tone down the self-promotion aspect by adding just a glimpse of the products and services with an action-provoking CTA.

The right keywords do the trick.

Use the right keywords, but use them the right way. Keywords enhance the quality of the content and make it audience-oriented. Using relevant keyword-rich phrases highlights the purpose of the web page and brings the target audience right where you want them. But there is one point to keep in mind- Google will levy penalties for keyword-stuffed content. Hence, the rule is to use them sparingly and to insert them into the content in a natural, organic manner. One can also use blog tags by tagging a few keywords with the post.

Headlines are always the show-stoppers.

Your content can pack a punch with just three or four words. That is how powerful the google logotitle or headline ought to be. The same goes for the Meta Title and Meta Description because that brings the audience to the website. The meta title should convey the core topic of the web page or blog. Content is all about keeping it short, sweet, and powerful. Audiences prefer content that is to the point and delivers just what they are looking for.

Strong links are your content’s backbone.

Google sees strong backlinks as an important SEO parameter. Good content automatically draws external and internal links vital for search engine robots and your audience to find you from other sources. Connecting your website with other sites with high-quality content is also a sensible way to increase a website’s validity. Having credible, reliable sources within one’s content creates trust among the audience.

What’s fun without images and colours?

Everyone loves to see good images, whether it is a book or a website. People are far more likely to throng websites that have clear, visually appealing photos of their products. Adding keywords and ALT tags, resizing the picture to suit the web page and making minimal but effective use of apps to enhance the picture quality will greatly benefit.

Quality walks away with the accolades

The last tip, but the most important one of all, is to adorn your web page with high-quality, original content. Relevancy is another given. The content may be derived from various online sources, but it should be double-checked for plagiarism as a rule of thumb. Content that is used from government-authorised sites should be duly mentioned.

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