Content is King as far as the search engine optimization goes and SEO plays a vital role in ensuring that you gain website visibility is the vast open sea of the internet. All the three Google algorithms Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird have shown us that a poorly written keyword stuffed website content can actually blacklist your website on search engines.

Thereby it becomes necessary to create a Google friendly content that will help lure in visitors and invariably help in not only enhancing your online visibility but in doing so will also contribute in improvising your bottom line.  Here are some tips that will help you in creating Google friendly content for your website;

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  • Relevant information is the key – Your website content must contain well chosen keywords that talks about what your business actually offers.
  • Anchor Texts – The keywords used can be used to serve as “anchor texts” to either other websites or related pages within the website.
  • Geo Targeting Viewers – Website content must be region specific and the keywords or phrases chosen must pertain to the targeting geological location rather than a universal one.
  • Fresh and Updated Content – Recent, authoritative information is needed for search engines to favor your website to others. Though it may not be possible for you to keep updating other web pages regularly, updating your blog on a frequent and regular basis can do the trick.
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