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Search Engine Optimisation: Knowing it better

In very simple terms, Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is all about making it easy for search engines to find a website and rank it against similar websites. Search engine ranking is the prime objective of every website because it boosts its online presence and improves its business.

Every top SEO company in the world updates and refines its SEO strategies because SEO is largely driven by the search engine’s constantly changing algorithms. The algorithms are highly influenced by how the audiences use search engines to look for information, products, or services they want. Hence, it is a constant cycle, with one factor influencing the other and the prime objective remaining the same.

There are proven SEO strategies to ensure that your website’s search engine rankings improve and remain on top. Let’s explore what they are.

SEO strategies given by a top SEO company to boost search engine rankings

As Chennai’s top digital marketing company, Digital SEO is well-versed in the art of using the right SEO strategies. Take a look at their expert tips and strategies to refine SEO for your website.

  • Make it easy to spot you with easy-to-identify page titles.

Your web page’s meta title and meta description are the first two things that the target audience sees when they search. They are also an important indicator of what your website deals with. All titles, headlines, meta titles, and meta descriptions have a very limited word count, but they can highlight the website when the relevant keywords are used. The meta title and headline can be differently constructed to keep it organic but must retain the relevant topic.

  • The meta description tag matters! Always!

This is one point that is often forgotten. It is the meta description tag that tells a search engine what the website is all about. You can tell the audience what they can expect on the web page in just a few words. Relevant content is an effective parameter to boost search engine rankings. However, it is best to keep in touch with the constantly changing search engine algorithms to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Your user’s device will love a responsive website.

A responsive website automatically adapts to the user’s device- be it a desktop, laptop, tablet, android or iOS mobile phone. Your website must be mobile responsive in the current scenario because more than 80% of the audience use their smartphone to access a website. Of late, website responsiveness is a major parameter for Google rankings. Google’s search engine bots crawl and index sites from a mobile-responsive perspective. Without responsiveness, a website’s chance of making it to the top rankings is very less.

  • Create backlinks to make it link-worthy.

Having strong backlinks to the website content is not enough, but how you emphasise the links also count. Instead of simply saying “Click Here”, a keyword-enriched phrase will give more value to the links and elicit the desired response from the audience.
Descriptive links with linking keywords can boost SEO rankings, add more credibility to the content, and bring in organic traffic.

  • Underline your social media presence.

Gone are the days when social media platforms were considered a waste of time. Today, they hold great relevance with SEO and rankings. A business with a website Contents and Search Engineought to be on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. It is not a hard and fast rule, but the audience and search engines view it as an important parameter.

Upgrading the business activities on the social media page, profile, and bio is also very important to stay relevant and active. A large part of the audience keeps a close watch on social media activities and updates.

Your efforts in engaging with the target audience can be very beneficial, especially when your social media pages are linked to the business website. Social media is very powerful because it has factors like a content, images, and videos- things that are just what the target audience needs.

  • Be aware of Google’s EAT guidelines.

Google’s EAT guidelines are based on three simple principles:

  1. Expertise: Google’s keen eye is trained on websites that deal with specific information with expertise in a particular field. This is more relevant to websites of medical, financial and legal companies. Clear, accurate information with the mention of reliable sources is what Google prefers.
  2. Authoritativeness: It demonstrates and establishes a website’s online authority. Original, honest reviews, testimonials and credentials on a website can help impress the audience and build a valuable reputation.
  3. Trustworthiness: Unless visitors feel safe with the website, they will not revisit it. It is important to have an HTTPS site, an SSL certificate and safe payment gateways if the site deals with money transactions. Google has an affinity for websites with an SSL certificate because the trustworthiness holds immense value.

SEO also deals with the structured data of a website. The microdata tells search engines how to classify and interpret content. Navigation is another important factor. A website should be user-friendly for even the most “non-tech-savvy” person.

Refine and reinforce your SEO strategies with Digital SEO

Digital SEO has unparalleled experience in deploying proven SEO strategies to boost a website’s search engine ranking. We have worked on numerous websites for business across the globe. Talk to us today to know how we can use smart SEO strategies for your business.

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