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When you’re creating a landing page or even writing an emailer, the instinct is to go with your gut. You think ‘this’ would make people click and convert. But that rarely happens. As marketers, you cannot base decisions on intuition. You have to base them on facts, and one way to do it is an A/B test.

As an experienced SEO Company in Chennai, we help you discover what is split testing, how to do it and the benefits you gain from it.

What Is An A/B Or Split Testing?

Split Testing or A/B Testing is when you show two versions of a landing page to different visitors. You do so at the same time. It allows you to compare which version created more leads and conversions.

The two versions of the page are similar but have one variable different. Also, they are shown to an audience of the same size for the same length of time. This enables you to observe which variant had the most impact. You can determine what CTA works and which doesn’t.

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Top SEO Company In Chennai Explains The Process Of A/B Testing

  • Choose the page to test.

Pick a page that impacts your website the most. It could be a landing page where most of the traffic is, or it could be your homepage. The rule of thumb is that it should affect your bottom line.

  • Pick the element to test.

Find out what element of the web page you want to test. It has to be connected to your marketing metric. For example, if you want to improve conversions, change the CTA or the headline.

The goal always has to be just one metric. It will give you cleaner data and more effective results. So, choose what you want to achieve – more traffic, more sales, more time-on-page?

  • Analyse the data collected.

Use Google Analytics to see your current data and stats of the page. This becomes your benchmark to compare the results of the A/B Test. The needle has to move, even if by a tiny amount, on the metric you picked.

  • Create the versions of the page.

Now create the different versions of the page by slightly altering the element you picked. One version is the champion, and the other the challenger.

Again, select only one element. For instance, if CTA is what you are changing, then you can alter the button size, font, background colour but everything else you leave the same in both versions of the page.

  • Select the right testing tool.

There are different A/B test tools for different pages. For instance, email services have an in-built tool. So does HubSpot for web pages. The benefit of using the right tool is that the algorithm automatically diverts traffic to the more effective variant. You don’t have to check the test every other day manually.

  • Calibrate the test to your needs.

Some split testing tools enable you to design it as you want. You may specify which details the data can collect or how long it has to run. Do so if the tool allows it.

  • Let the data collect.

Now comes the hard part – wait and watch. As the A/B test tool works, it will automatically gather data for each variant. You can see the progress, but the actionable data is available only after the test ends.

  • Comb through the data.

After the test, you’ll see which device the pages were accessed through, how many people visited each variant, what action they took and more. Analyse the data for both the champion and challenger version. Find out which one worked better and by what margin.

  • Repeat the A/B test

You can repeat the entire process again for the same pages by changing a new element on the page.

The Primary Benefits Of Split Testing

A/B tests don’t cost you much, and the rewards you reap are high. They bring a whole plethora of benefits to you based on the goal of your split testing.

  • More traffic

You can increase the traffic to your website by testing different headers and titles or even the length of your blog posts.

  • More conversions

How many people click on the CTA changes depending upon the anchor test, colour or even location. A/B testing allows you to do so. Consequently, you get a landing page with a CTA that converts traffic into leads and leads into paying customers.

  • Better content

By continuously testing which content works better on the audience, you end up with better and improved content. This valuable content then can be used elsewhere.

  • Less bouncing

Changing fonts, images, or the amount of text on a webpage can impact how many visitors leave the site and how quickly. With A/B testing, you reduce your bounce rate.

  • Less cart abandonment

Visitors often leave online shopping pages with items in their shopping cart. Called shopping cart abandonment, it can be reduced by split testing the checkout process, product photos and more.

  • Reduced risk

Of all the benefits of split testing, the biggest is a lesser risk when making critical decisions such as pricing. With the A/B test, you check which decisions lead to success. This will maximise results and increase the return on investment.

  • Why Wait? Begin A/B Testing Now!

There is no silver bullet to increasing organic traffic because Google’s algorithm keeps changing. That’s why we encourage experiments with SEO. Little changes to your site can make big impacts on traffic and clicks.

Our experience as an SEO company in Chennai has proven that A/B testing works. It shows you the true picture of what your audience wants from your content. Even a failed split test gives your insightful data.

But it takes knowledge and skill to build a split test. So, instead of diving blindly into it, talk to us before you start. We can help you do it right!

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