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Thrive And Grow Your Business With Timely Website Redesigns

There are thousands of websites all over the internet that have been pushed to the dark, unnoticed recesses of search engine pages. Most of them comprise websites that have lost their rankings because they lack redesigning. Website redesigning is critical to keeping your website alive, and thereby your business and everything else that depends on it.

A website is not a simple entity that you launch and forget. It is the pulsing centre of the digital marketing ecosystem that drives your business online. Once your website is up and running, it needs to be primed and groomed to reinforce its solid online presence. This presence is like an attractive digital business card. It is what brings prospective clients and business associates knocking at your doors.

Website redesign is a constant process. To thrive and survive in the online world, businesses need to step up their game by understanding and embracing current digital trends. Extensive analysis by Forrester Research has proven that a well-constructed user interface can boost the conversion rate by upto 200%. Not to forget that a great UX design can also impact conversion rates upto nearly 400%.

These facts prove that your website is a critical aspect that drives your revenue and expands your clientele. It also underlines the necessity to redesign your website and reap the following benefits:

  • Better brand recognition.
  • Improved search engine ranking.
  • Builds trust amongst customers.
  • Improved conversion rates

So, next, comes the most important question- When should you consider a website redesign? Many indicators signal your website’s waning efficiency. We shall list them for your benefit.

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Signs That Indicate The Need For Website Redesign

There is no limit to ideas for redesigning a website. From making small changes or partially redesigning to completely revamping the website, the possibilities are endless. What matters is when to go for a website redesign. Your website will show the following vital signs as indicators. And, if you choose to ignore them, it will have bad repercussions for your business and revenue!

Search engine rankings go down.

This is the first red flag to indicate signs of trouble. There are a host of reasons why ranking suffers. But the primary reason is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, which is the vital factor behind your digital presence. When your rankings begin to fail, it will start impacting the traffic to your website. Given that 93% of online experiences start with a search engine like Google, it is imperative to do whatever is necessary to maintain the rankings. When you redesign your website, SEO must be your top priority. With the right tweaks, your website will once again grab those coveted ranks and bring organic traffic.

Loading time go up

Did you know that more than 47% of your visitors expect your website to load in just 2 seconds? Yes, all visitors are highly demanding, and they tend to abandon any website plagued with slow load time. This is one of the main reasons why your search engine rankings are suffering. Google will automatically decrease the rankings for websites with slow load time. The ripple effect can reduce your website visitors to a trickle and badly impact your business.

Privacy and security get compromised.

Privacy and security are the foremost concerns of every online customer when they visit your website. Privacy is a vital parameter that helps build trust. It further helps to engage, retain, and convert your website visitors. Also, with hacking attacks happening every  39 seconds, it is imperative to ensure absolute security.

A secure website is like a well-guarded fortress. Google gives high preference to websites with SSL (HTTPS) certification and WCAG ( Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) compliance. Websites that lack these aspects are marked as insecure. Hence, it will badly affect the SEO rankings on all search engines.

Mobile responsiveness fails

Mobile responsiveness is a must. If your website is not ticking this criterion, it requires immediate redesigning. Let’s not forget that more than 40% of online transactions happen via mobile devices like the smartphone and tablets. A negative mobile experience can impact online sales up to 60%, which is a huge revenue loss. Furthermore, a website that isn’t optimised for mobile access will lose out on potential customers.

SEO goes missing

SEO is the lifeline for every website. Without SEO, the content on your website will not reach your target audience and create the desired effect. The right optimisation is also necessary to garner the attention of search engines and browsers. A fresh redesign with winning SEO strategies will ensure long-term, unobstructed organic traffic for your website.

User Experience goes down.

User Experience (UX) is all about how easy it is for the average visitor to navigate your website. Your website’s User Experience is tied to the overall Customer Experience (CU), a vital aspect of your customer’s satisfaction. If your website’s UX is plagued with broken functionalities, inaccessible features, and technical issues, redesigning is the only solution.

Brand messaging requires an alteration.

Your brand is your identity. The term includes everything from your business logo, colour, and font to content and imagery. These are aspects that your customers recognise and relate to. If it is time to make changes to the brand message, it is also time to redesign your website to align with the change.

Competitor websites rank better.

Competition is great, as long as you are as good or better than your competitors. If their websites are ranking better than yours, it is a sure sign to redesign your website. Take a look at your competitor’s website and analyse why it is doing better. It will give you a clear perspective of what your website lacks and thereby make redesigning easy and result-oriented.

Ally with the best web design company and make redesigning worthwhile(H3)

If your website shows even one of the signs mentioned above, it is time to think about redesigning. Relying on a reputed web design company like DigitalSEO gives you the assured expertise of seasoned web designers and SEO experts. To discuss your website redesigning requirements with us, visit our page.

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