A website that is well designed cannot happen overnight, and it needs a lot of time, energy and money. The Internet is rapidly changing like all other things and keeping pace with it is quite a challenge. Moreover, users who earlier used only desktops to browse sites are now using devices like the tablet and smartphones. So your website had to be updated and continuously adapted to keep up with the users’ choices. Also, the Google algorithms are constantly being updated, and the website’s usability affects the ranking. Due to all these factors and more a website owner does not always know when to overhaul, but there are signs that you should watch out for suggest web design companies.

Signs your website needs a redesign – As listed by Top web development companies

Slow loading: High-quality content ranks among the top things Google algorithms look for on a website. They rank pages that load fast higher than those that load slow. Having a fast loading website is also one of the best practices of SEO. The users are less likely to stay on a site that takes longer to load and affects the navigation and hence critical that this issue is addressed. Web design companies are of the opinion that a slow loading site does not need a redesign, but a few tweaks can improve the speed.

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Not mobile friendly: Smartphone is the device people are using to browse, and as per stats 52% of the traffic in any website comes from mobiles. Also, Google has updated its algorithms to rank a site on its mobile-friendliness rather than the desktop version. If your website is not responsive or you have a separate website for mobile, then it is time for a redesign. Web design company in  Chennai can help you create a website which is mobile friendly rather than trying to work around the existing site.

Poor User experience: There are many websites where there are so many pop-ups that it is difficult to find the actual content. Google makes sure that such sites are ranked low and even if a user sees it will not stick around for a long time as the content is not findable. When your website is difficult to navigate, the UX drops and so does the traffic. Web development company in Chennai suggest having a coherent website map that and an average user finds it usable.

Outdated design: There is no rule as to how long a website lasts, but there is a lot of advancements in technology, and also if your site is more than five years old it can benefit from a redesign. Any Website redesign company can help you overhaul it.

Small changes are also complicated to make: If making small changes or updating a piece of code on your website is not easy then you should consider a new site. Web development company in Chennai incorporates a modular design which is easy to use and also to manage. The design should be a flexible but straightforward template so that various types of content can be added rather than having custom made template.

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