A website is a collection of web pages that gives information on a particular topic. They are publicly available and share a single domain name. Websites are available in a large array of topics such as educational sites, business sites, social media sites and the list goes endless. The website usually consists of some content and some attractive images. There are no set rules to create a good website, but many sites follow a standard pattern of a homepage that links off to other categories and the content within the website. All the websites which are accessed publicly can be termed as a web presence or the World Wide Web.

The steps to create a good website:

The websites are created to promote a business plan, so it is important to understand the role it must play. It must be produced in such a way that each and every site visitor turns out to be a potential customer. Here is a step-by-step technique to improve the website and make it productive:

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  • Strong motivation: The website should be planned with a strong goal in mind, it should be motivational enough to bring success. Without a goal, the website may turn out to be a worthless strategy to improve business.
  • The objective of the website: The target of the website must be carefully analysed before creating one. The basic target should be to inform the audience about the product that is projected. The website should be able to lure the audience in an effective manner so that even a casual visitor turns out to be the customer.
  • Weblog: An online journal or a blog could be maintained regularly to inform the potential customers about the importance of the product being marketed. The blog should be clear and knowledgeable and should clarify the doubts of the visitors. If there is a dearth in the blog topics, editorial calendars and keyword planner can be used.
  • Increase the web traffic: Optimize the website to attract the potential customers and turn them into customers. To keep a track on the web traffic use analytical tool to track the visitors, and their demographics. It will be beneficial to know the details of the target audience so that the website can be made more appealing.
  • To bring down the bounce rate: Some visitors move away to a different website after visiting a single page. The number of these visitors are categorized into bounce rate.
    The bounce rate is the number of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page. To find the reason behind the decrease in the bounce rate, use an analytical tool. Make sure the contents displayed on the website are clear and easy to understand. The website should be fast and easy to navigate, slow pages irritate the site visitors. Make the site appealing and don’t distract the audience with popups and bright colours.
  • Increase the conversion rate: The conversion rate is the number of visitors to the website that has completed the desired goal out of the total number of site visitors. A decrease in conversion rate shows that the visitors are not satisfied with the site. The site should be made effective to attract the customers. The information given about the marketed product should be trustworthy.dsDblog
  • Email subscribers: The website must be made effective so that the site visitors become satisfied and agree to a subscription with their email address. These visitors can be targeted with a periodical call of action and email so that they become customers.
  • Social platform: The social platform is very important to attract customers, encourage customers to tweet relevant quotes from the website. A good position in the social platform will guarantee a strong customer base

The conclusion:

The website plays an integral part in the success of online marketing. The website should create a lasting impression on the site visitors so that they become customers. The content should be clear and informative, the visitors should not be confused with the language used. The site must be fast and easy to navigate otherwise the customer will bounce off to the next website.

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