Pinterest! There is no one who has not yet heard about it. You have, I have, everyone around us has! Still, if we delve a bit deep and ask the next question, you get vague looks and answers like, “I don’t know how it works exactly”, “Pinterest? It is something which only useful to check out recipes, interior works, plan weddings, etc.” Yes! It is famous, yet many don’t know its impact! And, the good news is that Pinterest is very simple and can make a huge impact on your business. When success knocks your door through Pinterest, why turn your head away?

Pinterest is not yet another social media site. It differs from other social media sites and we, Digital SEO is here to show exactly how it can be utilised to build your business. Pinterest creates deep impacts by helping you to drive the traffic to your website, getting valuable business leads, and improving sales. It is a network which people rely on for getting inspired, seek new ideas, and find new products or services which they can buy. They would be interested to see posts from various brands and make a pick from the various choices. This is exactly why your business needs to position itself on your prospective customer’s Pinterest feeds. One pin can drive in ten pins and then keep increasing manifold, thereby growing your business.

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Here are the top reasons why Pinterest matters in your business:

Convert The Users Into Buyers!dsblog3

Instead of considering Pinterest as just another social media site, view it as a search engine where people keep an eye out for businesses. People often turn to Pinterest to find businesses that can provide them with the product/service they need. This is where a digital marketing expert can come to your rescue! We can help you set the right Pinterest profile that draws the attention of your prospective clients! Each second count! Let us make it worth counting!

Drive The Traffic To Your Page!

Pinterest is the green signal in a busy traffic junction which drives all the prospective clients right in the route to your business. That will be their final destination. Pinterest plays a crucial role in creating backlinks to your webpage. Thus, it expertly steers the traffic to your website much more than any other social media page. No wonder the pins are considered as the ‘rich pins!’

But, the uptick you get in the traffic is only possible if you provide rich content on your page. A content marketing expert can help you provide rich contents that drive traffic to your site. When you offer contents that the audience likes and relates to, they follow your links and reach your website. Good content is a balanced combination of high-quality images and rich contents.

Raise The Inbound Traffic

Every pin will carry a link, and it easily leads the traffic to the image source. Now, think of the inbound traffic you can create by posting quality images of your business on Pinterest! Never, ever oversee the power of an image!

More The User Engagement, More Your Pins Catch Attention!

Usually, people who browse Pinterest are on the lookout for interesting contents that they can share with a bunch of people close to them. It can be their family, friends or colleagues. Isn’t that a great opening for your business to grab the attention of more people at once? More your pins look attractive; more it catches attention and more it gets repinned. Your post can even go viral if it is done in the right way with the right content marketing strategy!

Link Your Social Media Accounts Or Website!

Improve the chances of cross promotions by linking your Pinterest profile to your other social media pages and websites. The users will also find it useful, and you can also easily share contents to your Pinterest.

Explore And Discover Your Audience’s Likes!

For any business to succeed, you should first realise and understand what your target audience likes. Now, that is easier said than done, isn’t it? Fret not! Pinterest can help you discover the audience likes by offering you a window to check out the see the latest trends. Click follow to any person who follows you on Pinterest to get an idea about what inspires and interests them. Pinterest helps further by offering you new pins based on your interests. Knowing what is hot and happening today can help you position your products or services in accordance with the trends.

Check Out The User Response Rates!

Now that you realise the importance of Pinterest, let us take a look at the user response rates in various categories of business:

  • Art and crafts- 48 percent
  • Flowers, drinks, food and gifts- 47 percent
  • Home garden, spa, pool- 45 percent
  • Beauty and health- 45 percent
  • Apparels, Clothing- 37 percent

Now that you have understood the relevance of Pinterest for your business, the next crucial step is to create a killer marketing strategy for Pinterest. We, at Digital SEO, can help you to think out of the box ideas and add value to your contents with creativity that sells and grabs user attention. Write to us at contact@digitalseo.in and let us get started to build a unique marketing strategy that sells your brand.

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I’m Eivine Renny, a content marketer who believes that words spell magic and trusts in the power of words above all! As a content marketer in the endless galaxy of contents, i can lend a helping hand in making your contents shine with a sparkle that captures attention!

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