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It is decision time for your company! You want to take it to the next level and are planning to go on a marketing binge. But you are a little stumped as to how to go about it. You hear of new-fangled terms like inbound marketing and outbound marketing are not sure which one to put your money on. Here we are to make the decision easy for you.

Outbound marketing was the default marketing technique used everywhere until very recently. It was simply called Marketing then. Businesses and enterprises spent a considerable chunk of their budget in putting out advertising campaigns on TV and print media to promote their brand as well as their products and services.

Though this strategy was great at generating a buzz and providing short term gains, it was an expensive exercise. Even in the age of the internet, companies used popup advertisements to push their products to potential customers (read, everyone). There was not much of a targeted audience to speak of, and hence the expense to conversions ratio was not very favourable either.

But with inbound marketing bursting on the scene, you would do well to rethink your company’s marketing strategy to include this entirely new way of online promotion. Let us first take a look at what Inbound Marketing is all about.

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What Is Inbound Marketing According To Digital Marketing Experts?

If you ask seasoned digital marketers, they would say inbound marketing is drawing customers towards your company by simply making it visible to the right people on the internet.


Instead of your company going out of its way to find the customers, you should make it easy for the right customers to find their way to your company’s products.

It requires a well-thought-out, targeted, online marketing strategy backed by engaging, discoverable, and relevant content and careful reputation management to attract potential customers your way. Inbound marketing is all about effective use of Search engine optimization, Social media marketing, blogs, email marketing, and paid ads to drive traffic to your website and hence bring attention to your products and services.

Benefits of Inbound Marketing, As Per Experts Of Online Marketing.


#Highly Economical

Compared to the astronomical cost of outbound marketing via advertisements in mass media, it practically costs nothing to practice inbound marketing. The primary costs involved are in the planning of a comprehensive and creative strategy and the actual generation of the required content. This is reason enough to make inbound marketing a smarter option for you to choose.

#Reaches The Right Audience

Outbound marketing can never compete with the targeted focus of inbound marketing. A crucial element of inbound marketing is building personas of your potential customers and finding ways to make your company’s products or services appealing to their needs. Thus, at any time, your marketing strategy should speak directly to a very specific demographic that is most likely to buy or use your business’s services.

#Customer Approves Every Step

Gone are the days of bombarding the users with in-their-face commercials irrespective of whether they need the products or not. By way of targeted campaigns and opt-in forms, information is shown only to people who have expressed an interest in the product or have asked to be informed about any news of the product. Thus, the customer holds the key in inbound marketing. You should stop with unobtrusively providing relevant content to the users and gently coax them into becoming your customers.

The Trick Is To Find The Right Balance!

All these advantages seem to indicate that inbound marketing is the way to go in the future. But what experts recommend is finding the right mixture of inbound and outbound marketing campaigns to drive business. But if your brand awareness is low and your marketing spend is limited, then you should definitely invest more in inbound marketing techniques.

With the right digital marketing partner, you can get the most out of inbound marketing and get your business ready to zoom into another league altogether. Get in touch with Digital SEO to find more about online marketing today!

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