Content marketing! Content is built using the most powerful weapon of all time- WORDS! Words have the magical power to destroy a brand completely and also pick up a brand from the ashes and guide them to reach the alps of success. That is the power of words!

So, when we use this powerful tool to market a product or service, what can be more powerful than that? Nothing! Even the most animated videos or HD images would hang their heads in shame in front of a well-written phrase!

Creating a marketing content that sells can be quite a tricky thing. But, with the right creative heads and creative souls, it is made as easy as pie! After all, it is the hands and heads that work in unison to create the magic that creates lasting impressions. The definition almost says it all, but maybe needs a little bit of clarity, right?

  • Grab The Attention Span! Get Clickbait Headlines!

Ever puzzled at how a Facebook Ad works and what it actually says?ds blog2 Do you stop scrolling and bother to interpret it in detail? Most probably not, right? Unless it is able to catch your attention with a word/image/video that captures your attention within seconds, you will scroll down without paying much attention to it. Studies prove that the average person’s attention span is just 8 seconds. You need to grab their attention within that 8 seconds. People are on the lookout for an interesting story in every click. Give them that- they take a look! If not, they are gone!

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  • Raise The Curiosity Levels!

Just catching the attention of your audience will not do. If you grab their attention but fail to hook them, then you are again back to square one! You can raise the curiosity levels in many ways:

  • Surprise your prospective audience! Provide them with an interesting piece of
  • information that awes them.
  • Address their insecurities/fears and offer a solution!
  • Make them believe they are missing out on something great if they do not try it
  • out as soon as possible.
  • Arouse a desire, fear or frustration that they simply cannot let go!
  • Give Them A Reason!

Offer them a reason to try out your product/service. Why should they try yours when there are a multitude of options available in the market? What makes your offer stand out from the rest? What makes it so unique and irresistible?

  • What will they miss if they do not try your offer?
  • Do you have an exclusive offer for them?
  • Is your offer time based so that they need to hurry?
  • Is it easy to get? People need easily accessible products and services above anything else!
  • What will happen if they don’t do anything about it?

The Golden Formula For Creating A Marketing Content is


  • It is Not About ‘I’! It Is About ‘You’!

Always bear in mind that whatever content you create, never speak about the benefits you, that is ‘I’ get. They are not interested in you. They are only interested in things that benefit them. The problems can be yours. Hence for problems faced use ‘I’ – it affects you! For the benefits, use ‘you’- They get the benefits!

  • So What?

Yes! Ask yourself this question! After writing down a copy, read it aloud and ask yourself, “so what?” People don’t really care about you. Hence, they are bound to ask this question to themselves the moment they read a copy. Hence, you will have to make sure that you don’t leave scope for them to ask, “So what?”

  • Make It Easy!

No one really has the time to sit and read through complex wordings and interpret it. People, in general, will only care to notice a copy that is easy to read, easy to understand and easy to look at!Use simple and short sentences, one word and get the message across. Even the grammar rules can suffer! The conveyance of ideas is what matters!

  • Provide Proof!

The world is but a delusional space. No one really trusts anyone so fast! Give them proofs, figures, and statistics to prove your point. Ask yourself why should they trust you and your words. The format you can follow would be –

Address their problems- Offer them promises to solve it- Provide solid proof to support it

  • JSIT

JSIT stands for Just Sell IT! Yes! Whatever ways you can find, use it! The one and only aim you have is just to sell it, no matter how you do it!

  • You Can Copy- But Do It Ethically!

Even the most famous poets, creative artists, and copywriters have all admitted to one thing- that they do copy works of others! Yes! There is nothing wrong in copying works. But the catch here is that you have to do it ethically. Confused? Tread the fine line in the midst of plagiarism and inspiration. Derive inspirations from others works. Get ideas from them. Then use it to create a unique copy that is even better than the one you copied the idea from. Add your signature to your work. Never use the exact words of the works from which you derive inspiration. Use your own words and sentences. Make it your own.

  • Last But Not The Least- Know Your Audience!

Understand and do your research about the audience you plan to target even before you jot down even a word of your copy. A copy that works like wonder with a set of an audience might fall flat when tried with a different set of an audience! Because, people, their interests, desires, and fears tend to change! Hence, before you set off to write content, study your audience, their likes, dislikes, language, cultural and social influences, desires, needs, fears, and pain points. Then work on a content that addresses any of the points that can influence them.

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I’m Eivine Renny, a content marketer who believes that words spell magic and trusts in the power of words above all! As a content marketer in the endless galaxy of contents, i can lend a helping hand in making your contents shine with a sparkle that captures attention!

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