Instagram marketing for business growth

Are You Insta-Savvy?

When you are using a social media platform like Instagram, you actually have to know how to “use” it. The primary question you have to ask yourself is, “Why am I on Instagram?” If you are one of the billions who operate a personal account, the story differs. But if you have opened a business account, then you have to sharpen your Instagram marketing skills if you want to underline your presence.

What does the Instagram business account entail you to do?

  • It allows you to connect with your account on Facebook So you can keep an eye on the other biggest social media platform!
  • It gives you valuable insight into business analytics.
  • It allows you to run paid advertisements to boost the marketing and sales of your product.
  • It makes it easier for interested clients and potential business links to contact you.

Easy steps to establish your business identity on Instagram

Getting started on Instagram is no rocket science. The method is as easy as ABC. What really matters are the twists and tweaks you give it to make it stand a cut above the rest. It is all about giving your business profile a visual appeal that intrigues other users or followers.

  • Use the correct hashtags to help people find your business. Don’t forget that there is an ocean of businesses out there. So your hashtag has to really “scream” out.
  • Link your business profile to your website.
  • Check and learn from your competitors on Instagram. A successful business profile will hide many clues, if not lessons on marketing strategies.
  • Keep your content relatable and consistent. Followers love to be updated on a regular basis. If your posting is not regular, your profile will literally wither and die.

Becoming A Pro With Instagram Marketing Strategies

There are some clear cut methods and strategies that work wonders on Instagram when used wisely and shrewdly.

Never Underestimate the Hashtags

Hashtags allow those who don’t follow you to sit up and take notice of your content. With the latest upgrade, Instagram allows you to see the number of people who found your business profile through hashtags. It is an effective way to know if your hashtag is working or not.

Make A Big Splash With Your Stories

Instagram stories are more dynamic than regular posts. With a plethora of cool features, they can certainly grab the attention of more users. Make your stories relevant to your business by posting attractive videos that arouse one’s curiosity.

Healthy Interaction Is Mandatory

Instagram is no place to be an introvert. You have to keep your mind open to all kinds of discussions and comments. It is always prudent to handle sensitive and negative messages within the confines of the personal messaging space. Complimentary comments should go with a mandatory thank you message.

While it is healthy to acknowledge most comments, it is also important that you do not react to all negative posts unless they warrant attention.

Polish Your Photography Skills

Instagram is all about visually stunning images. But you don’t need a professional photographer to do that for you. All you require is a good camera (even your mobile camera will do), proper lighting, a few props, and angles. Practice makes perfect. And the delete option is always available. So don’t give up until you have that breathtaking shot.

Leading digital marketing companies in Chennai will do all this and more for your Instagram business account to help you stand out from the crowd.

Quick Tips To Strengthen Your Instagram Business Profile

  • Post your content at peak hours. Studies say that the golden hours on Instagram are 11 a.m on Wednesdays and 10-11 a.m on Fridays. Posting when online traffic is high is as good as getting half the job done.
  • Do not hesitate to spend on paid ads. Instagram ads are designed to reach “target audiences” and the paid ads can give your business an incredible reach.
  • Followers find CTA buttons very attractive! Call To Action buttons must be straightforward and take the user to the next stage of the sales ladder.
  • Offer exclusive discounts and offers from time to time. Nothing grabs more attention than these two words! Unique offers will take the word around and bring in new followers.
  • Put yourself on the local market map by geotagging your business, especially if you want to grab the attention of local clients.

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