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Instagram: The Place To Be

If you are not on Instagram, you are not cool. Period. Nope, Facebook and other social media platforms won’t do. Instagram is the coolest social media platform to be on. Completing a decade of existence in 2020, Instagram has grown in leaps and bounds. The social media platform has grown exponentially to have more than a billion active users worldwide. India takes the second place after the USA to have the most number of users or “audience” in the world.

This visually stunning and entertaining social media platform is also a prolific digital marketing haven and a source of income for entrepreneurs. Used sensibly, Instagram is a tremendously beneficial channel to promote the marketing and sales of a product or service.

Instagram Marketing is the new norm for businesses to reach out to millions of potential customers all over the world. Let’s analyze some interesting statistics about Instagram that explain why the platform is “booming” and “happening”.

What makes Instagram so popular?

  • Instagram audiences are almost evenly split with 51% female and 49% male users.
  • Most of the users are below 35 years of age, hence there is a considerably sized “target group” for businesses.
  • Instagram’s global user audience will soon surpass the number of users in the US, which boasts of more than 100 million active users. This means that businesses have a wider scope to cater to international clients.
  • Most of the well-known celebrities prefer Instagram and they have a huge fan following. So, any endorsement of a product by a celebrity has the potential to become an instant hit with the fans.
  • Statistics say that most Instagram users perceive brands and products. on the platform to be popular. Nearly 80% of them depend on that popularity to decide whether to buy it or not.

Instagram Marketing Strategies: Putting your business under the limelight

What is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram Marketing is making the optimum use of the social media platform to promote brand exposure and build clientele and brand value. It is an indispensable tool used by top social media marketing companies in Chennai and around the world. With its far reach, Instagram has the potential to capture the attention of a million active users at any given time.


Instagram Marketing Strategies: The weapon in your arsenal!

On the surface, Instagram is a very appealing app where one can post unlimited photos to garner a good number of followers. To the more shrewd business mind, it is a platform that offers unlimited scope to market the business and underlines its presence.

Digital marketing holds as much potential as any other marketing strategy. In fact, if your business or entrepreneurial venture is not linked with any of the social platforms, you are losing out on a whole lot of benefits.
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How Important Are Instagram Marketing Strategies?

Visual Appeal

In this digital era, people are enticed by visually appealing images and videos that come with enhanced audio and video clarity on their devices. On Instagram, posts with relevant videos or captivating photographs are instant attention-grabbers. They receive more likes and comments than text-only posts.

Hashtag Popularity

Hashtags is what gives social media platforms like Instagram a unique edge. Strategic and selective use of hashtags will give good exposure and reach. However, it is important to keep hashtags relevant to the industry so it attracts the target crowd.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories have their own fanbase and are good marketing strategies to gain higher engagement rates. Sharing video content in the story is a sure way of gaining popularity and keeping the brand relevant. Again, what is shared in a story is what attracts more users to it. Eye-catching photos and videos will do the trick.

Scrutinizing The Competition

A good marketing strategy on Instagram will serve two purposes: It increases brand popularity and it helps to keep an eye on competitors and learn their strategies and growth. Marketing strategies and their success will differ with brands, niches, and products. Hence, it will help to analyze different strategies, audiences, and the type of content that is popular.

Expanding online businesses

Many entrepreneurial ventures are launched online and they thrive on platforms like Instagram for survival and growth. Many online businesses are done on limited budgets. Online businesses on Instagram can access the official website of the company through Instagram. While the engagement rates are impressively higher than other media platforms, the best thing is that advertising comes absolutely free of cost.

Instagram Marketing Tips

If you want your business to be a success, you have to make the most of Instagram. You can do it on a laptop, mobile or PC. Here’s what you can do to become a pro at Instagram marketing strategies:

  • First, of all, open an account for your business profile.
  • Make use of all the Instagram tools to evaluate your marketing strategies and modify them if needed.
  • Use sponsored ads to reach more users. Without sponsored ads, your brand or business will be visible only to those who follow you. Sponsored ads are often budget-friendly and they come with a range of options like carousel ads, stories, photos, and videos.
  • What you post and when you post is really important in social media. Peak hours are the best time to post anything because it will be immediately noticed by those who are online. Besides, it is also crucial not to over-post and spam the feed with photos and videos.

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