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Whenever people think about social media, LinkedIn doesn’t enjoy as much adulation as Facebook or Instagram. No doubt it is one of the most powerful tools for professional online networking. It is also a potentially powerful platform for social media marketing.

In this article, we aim to change your perception of LinkedIn as a tool for social media marketing and how to strategize your moves to create the right buzz around your business.

LinkedIn is as powerful as any other platform if you are looking to generate more leads and traffic for your website. It is THE place to be if you want your business to be catapulted into the spotlight as an expert in the field.

Why Should You Choose LinkedIn?

It comes as no surprise that LinkedIn’s conversion rates are much higher than that of other social media platforms.

LinkedIn is the No.1 source of quality hires for recruitment.

LinkedIn has an incredible network of connections that will turn out to be very valuable for creating brand awareness amongst potential audiences.

How To Make LinkedIn Work To Your Benefit

LinkedIn is designed with built-in app analytics that allow you to monitor three basic metrics:

  • Follower growth
  • Content shares
  • Quality of engagement

These metrics will help to analyze if your LinkedIn marketing strategies are working for maximum benefit. But how can we make these metrics work?

Capture The Right Audience

Your audience are your potential clients and business allies. LinkedIn is a business platform. So you might not find your Facebook and Instagram audience here. Hence, you have to tailor your content and strategies to suit the LinkedIn audience. Figuring out your target audience is the first successful step.

  • Optimizing Your Presence With Maximum Exposure
  • Your LinkedIn account should be like a magnet that pulls the attention of the other users.
  • An eye-catching profile picture
  • A complimentary banner image
  • Tempting CTAs
  • Incredible content that covers all aspects of your business
  • Information about your products and services
  • Contact Information

Establishing A Personality With The Right Words

The right use of words sets the stage for your next strategy to work like magic. Use of the right phrases and adjectives will help build a personality for your brand. In the long run, consumers and other businesses will be able to identify your brand with these words.

So, choose wisely words that will personify your business.

Equally important is the tone of your voice or words. It is an important aspect because the tone defines how you want to come across to other clients and professionals on LinkedIn. The trick is to strike a balance between sounding modestly excited yet professional.

Using Content As A Strategy

LinkedIn allows you to utilize blogs, slide decks, YouTube videos, infographics, white papers, case studies and LinkedIn Pulse posts to share your content. Find what works in tandem with your business goals and use it wisely. Remember that audiences are more attracted to content that empathizes with their problems. The emotional connection is created with relevant content.

Validating Your Company’s Expertise On LinkedIn

Companies offering SMO services in Chennai will reiterate the fact that to establish your presence and authority on LinkedIn, you need to show how your company fares better than others in specific aspects.

Your LinkedIn profile will thrive on the kind of knowledge you share with your audience, AND what you hold back from them.

Be ready to share basic information and solutions for a problem. Hold back company secrets and intricately complex information that will mislead your audience. Well-researched, valuable, informative, and authoritative content will help to build your brand credibility.

Audiences also welcome branded and expert content. Surveys and interactions will help you zero in on the right content for your audience.

Apart from WHAT you post, WHEN you post also makes a big difference in being noticed or being washed away in the tide of information. The best time to post on LinkedIn is the standard time before and after work.

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