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Online Marketing, especially search engine optimization, is a continuous process that requires sustained efforts. If you don’t keep your website up to date with Google changes, you lose big. More than just making changes, you have to keep up with Digital Marketing Trends and implement them before they happen. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the updates Google will make in 2020.
As long as you start working on these changes right now, you will be able to maintain (or increase) the search engine ranking of your website!

Make Your Site Mobile-friendly

It was back in 2018 that Google unleashed the Mobile-First index. Come next year; it will be a critical element for SEO. Any website that has a mobile-friendly version will rank much higher than a site that doesn’t have a mobile version or has a poor mobile user experience.
How do you check if your site is responsive to mobile gadgets? Utilise the Google Mobile-Friendly test. All you need to do is paste the URL of the website on the tool, and it will give you comprehensive results. The test will even tell you which areas of the site need improvement to make it mobile-friendly.

To enhance your site ranking, making the site mobile responsive is only the first step. The content you publish has to be mobile-friendly too. All your online marketing efforts will go to waste if a user can’t read your content. Therefore, pay attention to these factors:

  • All your paragraphs have to be short. 2 or 3 lines are enough.
  • Headings improve the experience. Use them often.
  • For big paragraphs, use numbers or bullets to engage the reader.

Turn Your Content Voice Search Ready31% of all smartphone users use voice search across the world. By the time the new decade begins, Google predicts that 50% of all searches will be voice. Putting it simply, integrating voice search to your website is one of the biggest Digital Marketing Trends of 2020.

With voice search in play, keywords will change, and their ranking will be drastically different. Moreover, the user will need just one search result, and if it’s not yours, then you’re out of the game.
So, start optimizing your site for voice search before it becomes the norm. It will ensure that you continue to rank high on Google!

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Keep The Site Speed High

The speed at which your site uploads is a critical factor in user experience. If the loading time is 3 seconds, 32% of users bounce. If it is near 5 seconds, then the bounce rate jumps to 90%. And if you are the unlucky people with a site that takes about 10 seconds to load, then 123% of visitors leave.
In the current era, anything beyond 3 seconds seems like infinity to the user, and they’d rather go to another site than wait for yours to finish loading. It is why when it comes to SEO ranking, site speed is a primary element. Invest in good servers so that viewers get fast results. Keep in mind:

digital marketing trends 2020 digital seo

  • That both the desktop and mobile version of the site should load lightning fast.
  • The speed of all web pages has to be swift, not just the home page!

To find out the speed of your website, try Google’s Page Speed Test. The tool delivers a detailed result highlighting the problem areas on the site and what’s inhibiting the speed. Work on the recommendations to increase the load speed of the site!

A New Era For Digital Marketing Trends

Till now creating backlinks, regularly updating content or including guests’ posts were some of the guaranteed tactics to improve a site rank. The new era we are entering is going to be drastically different. And if you think your site will continue to rock on the first page of Google with old strategies in place, then think again.
The three Google updates illuminated above are just the tip of the iceberg. Yes, they will up your SEO game and give you an edge over competitors. But much, much more work will be needed. As a top online marketing firm in Chennai, we’re intimately aware of the effort optimising a site will take in 2020. We’re also cognisant of the fact that from a freelancer to a digital agency like us, everyone must invest in these updates.

Thus, if you don’t have the expertise or the know-how to tackle the Brobdingnag changes, Google is bringing, give us a call. We are the renowned SEO and digital marketing professionals in Chennai that deliver results consistently. We are more than happy to make sure your website continues to achieve the top rank on Google by staying on top of digital marketing trends!

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