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Digital marketing has been the buzzword for quite a few years now. Without it, a business in today’s world fails to reach its true potential. What few companies realise is that digital marketing is a broad term inclusive of a variety of tools. This article dives into one of the newer tools that come within the purview of online marketing. We are talking about video marketing.

What is video marketing, precisely?

The definition of video marketing is self-evident. When a business utilises any form of video to promote their brand or market a service or product to the audience, it is known as video marketing.

What comes within video marketing?

The list is long. A video marketing campaign can incorporate any and all sorts of formats such as:

  • Viral videos
  • How-to videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Customer testimonials
  • Videos from live events
  • Corporate training videos

What are the benefits of video marketing to a business?

  • SEOVideo Marketing Ideas from SEO Experts in Chennai

    If digital marketing is one buzzword of recent times, then SEO is a close second. Without search engine optimization, no business worth its salt can last long. It has become crucial to gaining the attention of your target market.
    Video marketing helps raise the search engine ranking of your business along with click-through rates. Let’s say you upload a properly tagged and described video on YouTube. Being the 2nd largest search engine, creating a channel on YouTube automatically increases your rank. Moreover, since Google owns YouTube, a tagged video on the video-sharing platform also amplifies your rank on the biggest search engine.

  • Accessibility

    The present consumer is lazy. They want things that are easily accessible and require minimum effort. Video is one format of content that is present on every platform. From TV to smartphones, from websites to social media networks, videos can be seen anywhere and at any time. It is this flexibility that makes them so popular with consumers.

  • Conversion Rates

    There is ample evidence that adding a video to a product or service increases the chances of a potential customer turning into a buyer. Some studies found that 57% of online customers have a higher probability of buying a product after they see a video demonstration of it.

  • Effective

    As a leading SEO company in Chennai, we can safely vouch that video marketing is not only extremely practical but also cost-effective. The retention rate for audio content is 10%, and for written, it is 20%. Do you know what the retention rate is for video content? It is 80%. That’s a very high jump. It implies that combining visual and audio, is a powerful tool for any business to raise their sales.

What does it take to create a video marketing campaign?

It is clear that video marketing is critical for businesses as it boosts the audience reach, effectively. But how do you create a campaign that has an impact? For that, you need:

  • Proper market research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market insight

When you have the three compiled, you can shape a robust and productive strategy for video marketing. Rarely do businesses have the know-how to do it on their own. This is where the services of an SEO company step in.

Let’s say you are a business located in the heart of Chennai looking to expand your audience. A digital marketing firm like us, who inherently understands the market of Chennai and is a dab hand at video marketing, can create the perfect campaign for you. We’ll create a video that your audience wants to see, hear and feel. It will portray the exact message you want to send across. And, lastly, it will be based on hard data!

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