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Search Engine Optimization is a term that can be confusing, even if you are a wee bit ignorant about what it is and how it is done. Companies that hire such companies will be doing themselves a huge favor, if they understand how important it is for them to cross question SEO companies and consultants about what they are, how they do, what they do and how best they do it!

It is pertinent to understand that SEO not only covers content, links and forum postings, there is much to it than just that. In the world today, SEO plays an integral part in increasing website rankings; therefore it is important that you ask a few questions to your SEO expert, before they start their work on optimizing your site.

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1. Do you have the experience in the area I am looking for?

The main reason for this question is to ensure that the SEO company is capable of handling your kind of business. It is important that you know how best this company has understood your potential and current users. Some SEO companies are best at online retail, some of them at specialized services, etc. It is important that companies that specialize or have prior experience in your area of concern are chosen as they would have experience in understanding your target market segment better.

2. I want to see a link that you have built…

“Seeing is believing” – Never get satisfied by what they say, always check out a few links that they have built previously. You can check on how well they have done their on-site SEO and off-site ones. Check out for high quality authoritative links –  it talks a lot about the SEO company you are dealing with.

3. Will I be able to own the content posted on my website?

Always make sure you get it right. Most businesses take this for granted thinking that it covers all – but no, to your dismay you may find certain companies holding back the content once their contractual period is over. If this happens then all your investment can go for a toss. Always be clear about what is being offered.

4. Do you have an in-house content developer, if not who does the job for you?

An SEO company that has an in-house content writer can be a safe bet but there are companies that outsource such services. It is not an issue if it is outsourced but you need to know who is doing the job for you.

5. What is the SEO Strategy that you adopt?

If you ever hear the word “automated” as an answer to the question, just get out of there as earlier as possible! Most of the healthy SEO strategies need to be done manually. Beware of companies that do not have a strategy in place – where there is no strategy, there is no success.

6. How much do I need to spend?

No one wants to overpay, know their cost structure, see whether it matches with the needs of your business and take a call. You need not pay for a rocket when you want to reach the third floor! Be realistic in what you want to achieve and see whether it is worth. There are some renowned companies that offer exceptional service at affordable rates.

7. Do you have a quick fix solution where I can rank high instantly?

If the SEO Company says that they do have their secretive techniques that can take you there – it is as good as your physical trainer telling you that you can lose 20 kilos in one month! DO NOT TRUST them. There are no quick fix solutions in the SEO business. People who do it the right way will tell you that SEO is an on-going process not a destination.

8. Are you a full service SEO company?

SEO is a combination of many aspects of the digital marketing world. It is advisable to choose a company that offers you a one stop solution instead of sticking to the technical parts alone. SEO, SMO, SEM, E-Commerce, Web Analytics, Content Development & Marketing, Web Design, Web Development and Reputation Management, if offered as a whole pack can be advantageous to you.

If you ask these right questions, you will be able to find a good search engine optimization company that can get your site where you want it to be in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

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