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SEO Guide For WordPress

An SEO friendly site is what will take you to your online glory. Hence, it is only fair that you ensure that the SEO for your site is spot-in while launching your digital marketing campaign. This enhances your online visibility and brings in organic traffic which improves the business’s overall performance. There are surplus web platforms which makes SEO a daunting task, not so much on WordPress though.

Here, we have compiled a simple but effective checklist, that will help you in making your WordPress site SEO friendly. These are simple things that can be done by anyone, to enhance your site’s performance in search engines and make it visible to the target market segment, it is always recommended to hire SEO services to do the job.

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Choosing A Built-in SEO Functionality

You can make use of the in-built plug-ins in WordPress or make use of any one of the given themes that has SEO functionality embedded in it. For instance if a particular site runs on Theme A, then choose SEO functionality that runs on the Theme A. This way your SEO needs are taken care.

Research For The Right Keywords

It is important to understand that people find your content based on their searches and it is important to make use of keyword tools to understand what keywords have the most searches and make sure that your contents are rich in those keywords. This helps you to discard any gaps between what you think your audience search and what they actually search.

Developing Keyword Rich Contents

It is important for any SEO targeted content to have a healthy keyword density that will give your contents more prominence. You can search for terminologies that relate to your blog/site and write contents based on those terminologies and topics. The most important thing you have to do here is to develop content having your audiences in mind and not just for spiders and bots. Contents that are great to read are shared by your audience and those that are not wither away in the limelight of the others. You must remember not to follow the old school methods of writing contents for search engines – that does not work anymore and it is never appropriate to do so.

Linking Keywords Within Your Content

Linking to other sites that have a higher degree of authority on the field of discussion will always enhance your online reputation. Hence it is imperative that you link your keywords to those articles and sites that already have good online attention. It is also recommended that you interlink your pages by linking existing posts to each other. Higher percentage of links adds to your advantage for optimal search engine rankings.

Generating and Submitting Site Maps

It is important for you to communicate to the search engine about your location and for this purpose you need a site map that will show your exact location. You can install it with the help of webmaster tools.

Make use of these SEO checklist given above, and you shall see your site/blog getting recognized on search engines. Follow the same for any blogs or sites that you create hereinafter.

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