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Many companies in the contemporary setup have questions about blogging as most of them feel that social media is restricted to social networks and tweets. These people are either misguided or have a misconception about blogging. Blogs are the traditional form of social media. It has been around for quite some time and it was from here that other social media networks have their roots. Never must you under estimate the power of a blog.

Building Trust

Though there are many changes that have come in the recent times, one thing hasn’t changed about people’s perspective about recommendations on social media – trust. People do not trust online information that easily unless and until it is from a source that they feel they can trust. A major portion of such trustworthy spaces is the company / individual’s own blog. Gaining the trust of audiences becomes one of the most important aspects of business – so when there is a way, why not take it?!

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Blogs Help to Drive Non-Search Engine Traffic To Your Site

Blogs help to drive traffic to your website which is one of the main reasons you must have it in the first place. A vibrant blog that is in tandem with its other social media contact points will thrive and becomes a busy place for online information seekers. This is important as you can share your content online through the many different social media channels thereby attracting attention and thereby traffic. You will be amazed to note that there will be people who will opt to get notified whenever you update something on your Company blog.

Helps to Build Organic Traffic

Blogs that are optimized for search engines show up in search engine rankings thereby driving organic traffic to your site. It is important to have cleverly planned keyword optimizations in place as it lures search engine algorithms. This enables your website to be ranked higher than that of your competition. This will help to boost traffic into the site even from those who have never been aware of your existence in the first place. It is important to have a proper keyword research done though.

Blogs Help to Convert Traffic Into Leads

Blogs not only attract people to your website but also gives them what they are looking for. A helpful piece of information, a useful tip that answers their query, a recommendation that satisfies their pressing need, can go a long way than just visiting your site for just information alone. Such little things construct a nascent relationship between you and your audience which over time can potentially turn them into users of your brand. They get used to your brand, get to know more about it, develop a deep bonding and invariably turn into a loyal customer over a period of time. Study has revealed that 57% sales conversions have been effected through blogs.
If you are a bit unsure on where to start to write blogs, the best way is to get hold of some experts in the industry, who are willing to write for you or choose a reliable content writing service, who will offer their services to establish and run your blog.

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