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The roll out of two major updates in Panda 4.0 has jolted the e-commerce world with many well ranked sites losing out and some not so popular ones gaining recognition. The impact of Panda 4.0 ha impacted approximately 7.5% of English search queries across the globe. Any SEO enthusiast will tell you, that this is a very high number.

You will be shocked to note that some of the most renowned websites have lost out after this update. It is safe to say that some of these sites were invariably crushed by the Google hammer! The analysis made herewith has been based on the organic SEO visibility of each of these sites for researched key phrases and the comparison has been made from their previous data point.

Basis of Rankings

The rankings have been taken based on organic searches and visibility that were conducted across the Google search engine for researched keywords of each and every domain that has been mentioned here.

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Panda 4.0 – Who Benefited

It must be said that these sites that benefited from the Panda 4.0 update had gained more traffic than what the losers had lost. Apparently good quality content written with the users in mind and those that benefited searchers have been given the top most priority, as seen from this latest update. The top list of those sites that benefited the most in terms of absolute gains and the percentage of traffic increase for the same is given below;

10. > 100%

9. > 25%

8. > 250%

7. > 250%

6. > 500 %

5. > 250%

4. > 50%

3. > 500 %

2. > 500 %

1. > 100%

Panda 4.0 – Who Lost Out

Based on organic visibility the following list of popular websites were the worst hits of the recent Panda update. One of the popular losers in the list is eBay much to the shock of many SEO enthusiasts. joins the list and in spite of both these websites being the darling of the masses through all the previous updates, has taken a severe hit, this time around. The decreasing order is based on the absolute loss suffered by these respective websites, their decrease in terms of percentage is also given for your reference.

10. > – 20%

9. > – 50%

8. > – 75%

7. > – 50%

6. > – 33%

5. > – 50%

4. > – 33%

3. > – 33%

2. > – 33%

1. > – 50%


If you check out and see you will notice that the list of those sites that lost out consists of sites that have published copied, unoriginal and syndicated content. These sites are known as aggregators. These are mainly given priority in rankings because of information posted from external sources and not self made contents.

Websites that have openly expressed themselves to their audiences have gained advantage. Those that have produced contents and information that their readers enjoy have been rated better. In all probability we might be seeing plenty of changes in the near future and don’t be surprised if you do not find your favorite website topping the charts!

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