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As the world has turned digital, dentists can no longer rely on word of mouth advertising and expect customers to be satisfied with just their experience and expertise. Of course, your expertise does matter. But SEO also matters! So, if you are a dentist and if you have not yet set foot in the SEO arena, it is high time you up your game. By transforming your dental practice into a more competitive one, you can easily lure new patients to your dental clinic in Medavakkam or Gowrivakkam and increase your revenues. Now, how to get started? That’s where you need to know about Dental SEO.

Dental SEO- What Is It All About?

Simply put, Dental SEO is the process of pushing your dental practice up to the top of the search engine results page. And, that too, without paying for an Ad! Wonder how that works? Let us take the example of a potential patient opening up their search engine (be it Google, Yahoo, Bing or anything else). They will most probably be typing “dentist near me,” “best dentist near me,” or maybe “implant dentist.” It can be a combination of many such dental search terms. If you have adopted a smart SEO strategy like what 4 Squares Dentistry have done, then your dental clinic or your name itself will pop up on top of the search engine page for these commonly used dental search terms. Yes! It is as simple as that.

By ranking higher, you gain by

  • Increasing targeted organic traffic to your webpage
  • Increasing the number of dental appointments
  • Increasing the number of online purchases
  • Boosting your online presence
  • Improving your brand awareness.
  • Building credibility and trust among your patients

8 SEO Tips Every Dentist In Gowrivakkam & Medavakkam Should Know

If you want your website to work as a perfect marketing tool, you need to please not one but 2 – your customers and Google! And, for that, you need the help of a reliable On-Page SEO team. On-Page SEO for dentists will help to optimize your website and drive organic traffic.

1. Research Your Keywords

If you are looking for the perfect dental SEO strategy, you need to identify the keywords you need to rank for. The first step to success is to choose the keywords wisely and incorporate them into your website.

2. Use The Keywords In Titles

Once you identify the right keywords, the next step is to use them right. Include your main keyword in your page titles or headlines. Ensure that you use your keyword at least once in your subheadings ( use your H1 or H2 tag). Thus, Google will sit up and notice you.

3. Write The Best Meta Description

The MD or Meta Description is a short description of your page. It will be seen just below your page title on the Google search results page. Remember that Google only allows up to 160 characters for MD. And that includes the spaces too. Hence, always try to include your keyword in the beginning part of your sentence and not let Google cut the sentence in the middle by following the character count limit.

4. Give Names To Your Images

Remember that the images that you use in your website also have a crucial role to play in SEO. Hence, always ensure that you give them keyword-rich names. Google will not be able to determine the content in your image unless you give them a proper descriptive name.

DSEO Blog 025. Include Internal Links

Internal links play a vital role in SEO due to 2 main reasons. Firstly, they help your website visitors to navigate easily through your website. Secondly, they help the search engines to interpret easily which page you are prioritizing more. Hence, you can add internal links to your main and profitable pages in your website’s footer. This will help to give a boost to these main target pages.

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6. Optimize Your GMB Listings

Local SEO is always a must-have if you are looking to grow and gain better results. And, to get started, you need to optimize your Google My Business and Google Maps listings.

7. Get Reviews, Get Social Proof

What can be better than reviews to give the much-needed social proof of your dental service quality to your potential customers? Encourage your customers to leave reviews and keep monitoring them to respond to reviews on a timely basis. Build relationships and maintain them. It will always help in the long run.

8. Add Testimonials, Offer Evidence

Testimonials are always more trusted by website visitors as these are the words said by your patients about you. Hence, they are always more helpful than reviews or ratings to get into the good books of your potential customer. Always try to post the testimonial along with the name and photograph of the customer who provided it. That will add more credibility to your testimonial. You can even add before and after pictures in the testimonials as visual evidence.

Get Your Websites Indexed Effectively With Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to all the changes you make on your website on the backend. It also includes server-end optimizations that can help to get your website indexed effectively. Here are the ways to do it:

  • Use the HTTPS certificate (combination of HTTP and SSL certificate)
  • Increase the website speed for a better user experience
  • Set up schema or structured data to convey the content of your website to the search engines.

A Robust Content Strategy- The Backbone Of Your SEO

Content Marketing can help solidify your SEO efforts and drive more traffic to your website. Here are some tips for doing it right:

  • Use original, good quality content. Copy-paste contents will always be penalized.
  • Your content should talk to your patients and should talk about their problems, their doubts and the solutions to their issues.
  • Keyword-optimize your content by conducting keyword research for each page and ensuring that the keywords are used in the headings, body of the content and meta information.
  • Keep updating your content. Fresh content always gets noticed first.

Off-Site SEO- A Key Component For Your Dental Practice SEO

Backlinks are the most vital part of your off-site SEO. The best way to build organic links will be to create good quality content.

  • Get strong backlinks from authoritative websites that offer the “dofollow” tag.
  • Find authority blogs in the healthcare/dental niches, build a relationship with these bloggers and get guest blogging opportunities.

Social Media- The Social Proof Of Your Business’ Credibility

Social media presence is a must-have for any Indian dentist. Here are the ways to do it best:

  • Stay active on Social Media and build credibility about your service.
  • Build awareness using Social Media pages as these pages might show up on the search engine results.
  • Use paid social ads to build awareness, drive visitors and grow your clientele base.

Partner With An SEO Expert To Get The Best Results

You can try implementing all the smart tips and tactics we have mentioned above to build a robust SEO strategy. But, if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed or need an expert to handle it for you, Digital SEO, Chennai, is always here to help you out. After all, it is always a better choice to rely on an expert who has a track record of helping dentists and dental businesses top the search engine results page. With us, you can always have an experienced team of experts by your side to strategize and implement the best SEO strategy that works for your dental practice. Talk to us to get started.

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