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How we Increased Website Traffic for a Reputable Dental Clinic in Medavakkam, Chennai

The Customer

Our customer is 4Squares Dentistry – a leading dental clinic in Chennai with two local dedicated dental care centres in Medavakkam and Gowrivakkam. From routine dental exams to restorative, preventive and cosmetic procedures, the dental clinic offers a complete range of dental services. The team of internationally trained dentists and orthodontists are well renowned for giving personalised attention and care to visiting patients.

The Challenge

Between trying to provide premium care to their patients and focusing on expanding their dental practice, one cannot imagine the arduous struggle that dental practitioners go through to establish themselves in a competitive market. It was in a similar situation that our customer approached us. They wanted to improve their online presence and needed a strategic approach to boosting their digital identity.

They came to us with a huge dilemma, unable to determine if they have to target the whole of Chennai or focus their efforts on local business presence. They had several other questions, and they wanted a reliable digital partner to guide them on their marketing efforts.

The Research & Analysis

After a detailed discussion with Dr Aesha, the clinical director at 4Squares Dentistry, and after a quick assessment of their existing web presence, we decided they required a quick overhaul of their online marketing efforts.

They had just launched their new website. However, it was not bringing any business. It is indeed a frustrating situation that many dentists go through when trying to establish their online presence.

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Our website audit revealed that it required optimisation on several fronts, from the design and navigation to the content and usability factors. The content did not have much depth to talk about the kind of services they offer or the facilities the dental hospital was equipped with. The website was also dealing with the challenge of plagiarised content.

So before we drafted our marketing strategy, we realised there was a much important job to be done – revamping the website to make it marketing-ready!

Our Digital Marketing Strategy For Dental Clinic

A New Website

When we proposed the idea of a website revamp, the doctor was a little apprehensive about the thought process. It was understandable, as they had not just launched their website; they had, in fact, launched themselves as a brand.

We understood their anxiety and empathised with their situation. Hence we decided to maintain the look and feel but fix the other critical issues on the website.

Look & feel – While we maintained the branding elements of the existing website, we made subtle yet powerful changes to the layout so that the website scored high on navigability and usability. We ensured the website offered a rich user experience, with no obtrusive images or graphics.

Content – We sensitised them on how important it is to have original content on the website. With our team of professional content writers, we rewrote the content, adding more value to the information that we shared with potential website visitors – the patients.

Mobile responsiveness – When we revamped the website, we also ensured it was optimised for mobile users. We did rigorous testing on multiple devices to confirm that the site rendered well on all standard devices.

Speed optimisation – One of the biggest facelifts we gave to the website was to optimise its loading speed. As SEO experts, we know that site loading speed is a critical factor in the success of our SEO efforts. Thus, the website was ready on several counts even before actual SEO began.

Search Engine Optimization

While revamping the website, our web design team ensured that they incorporated some of the basic best practices for an SEO optimised website. So while the actual SEO began, we could focus our attention on the core SEO activities, enabling us to strengthen our SEO campaign.

First things first! Our priority was to address the dilemma our client came to us with in the first place. The focus was to determine the target area for the business. After a detailed analysis, we proposed that instead of expanding the scope to the whole of Chennai, securing the local market was a wiser strategy. The client agreed.

Backed by extensive keyword research, we identified the keywords we would target for. The website content was optimised for these, and other ranking factors were determined.

DSEO Case Study 02

Spearheading our local SEO efforts was our strategy to optimise map locations for the two dental centres in Gowrivakkam and Medavakkkam. This was done to facilitate people from areas like Medavakkam Koot Road, Santhosapuram, Vengaivaasal, Tambaram, Pallikaranai and other neighbouring areas to locate the business easily.

We encourage the client to obtain Google reviews from their patients to build more credibility to the practice.

While on one side we were going full swing on technical and content SEO, we adopted an equally aggressive link-building strategy. We also had a well-conceived PR strategy to promote the brand effectively and acquire credible links.

Content Marketing

Websites need valuable content to

a. Rank well on SERP
b. Engage with the audience
c. Encourage more traffic to the website

We let the client understand that a solid content strategy will be the main difference between them and their competitors. We took their inputs and created a lot of relevant content to build more authority for the website.

Part of our content strategy included repurposing the content for consumption by different types of audiences.

Understanding the power of video marketing, we also encouraged the client to produce more video content that is easy to consume, personal and more relatable.

Social Media Management

Building an online presence requires a multi-pronged approach. With this in mind, we integrated our content marketing efforts with our social media strategy and ensured every form of content created was shared across all SM platforms.

We further helped our client create offline promotional material with attractive graphics and informative content to attract the visual and intellectual senses of the audience.

We continued to engage the audience with regular designed posts on all important festival days and awareness days.

Google Ads Management

We complemented our SEO efforts with a targeted Google Ad campaign. We thoroughly elaborated to the client on how a paid marketing strategy is the fastest and one of the most effective ways to promote the brand. We also warned them that it could turn expensive if the campaign were not managed efficiently. After many questions and deliberations, the client entrusted us with the campaign, and we did not fail them.

The campaign saw fruitful results, and we could generate useful leads for the client’s dental clinic in Medavakkam and Gowrivakkam.

The Outcomes

As you can see, digital marketing efforts cannot be executed in silos. It requires a strategic mind to think through the process, lay down the possibilities, plan for the uncertainties, foresee the outcomes – good/bad, and quickly re-strategize to bring things back on track. That’s what we did with 4Squares Dentistry.

We have been engaged with them through their testing times due to the pandemic-induced lockdowns. Now, with businesses reopening, they are looking to engage with us on other marketing efforts.

A team of professionals who are a pleasure to work with, we wish them all the best and hope our professional association continues to flourish.

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