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Ever considered marketing your business with Google Maps? No? Well, take a look at what you are missing:

  • Google Maps has 154.4 million users.
  • Nearly 5 million websites use Google Maps.
  • Google Maps users contribute to more than 20 million pieces of information per day.
  • Google Maps reached 54% of smartphone users in 2021.

While we let these details sink in, your next question will probably be, “Why should I care about Google Maps?” If you are running a business in this Google-driven era, you do need to care. Sit back and read our article to understand what Google Maps marketing can do for your business. But first things first, let’s explore the answer to your question.

What’s The Deal With Google Maps?

Google Maps is an incredible tool developed by Google. It is packed with digital marketing tools and features that can put your business ahead of your competitors. Small to midsize businesses can benefit greatly from Google Maps’ local marketing capabilities. With Google Maps at their disposal, anyone can locate your business and learn about your operating times, products, services, and customer reviews.

From a simple virtual map for finding locations, Google Maps has grown into a tool to discover and explore local businesses. There are reasons why this transition has taken place:

  • Local searches constitute one-third of all mobile searches
  • Local searches are increasing 50% faster than mobile searches.
  • “Near me” searches have grown by 500%
  • The “Click-to-Call” function was used by 70% of searchers
  • “Google Maps” results appear above all search results.

It’s no wonder that Google Maps is the latest weapon for businesses and digital marketers in today’s fiercely competitive scenario. Here are some reasons why you should use Google Maps to market your business.

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7 Reasons To List Your Business Under Google Maps

1. Enhances your online presence

Nowadays, if people want to find a business in their locality, they look for an online presence. In fact, lack of online presence is almost frowned upon because people depend on their GPS-enabled smart devices to locate everything. Your online presence overrides every other form of advertising and brand promotion.

When your business is listed on Google Maps, the tool deploys its local search capabilities to pin your business to the user’s search. Google prioritises local search for one main objective: To give locally listed businesses a chance to compete with each other and not with other business entities in other cities. Thus, your business will have better odds of getting the top position on search engine results pages for your location and category.

2. Revamps your local SEO

SEO and digital marketing are inseparable because, together, they work wonders. Local SEO is an amazing ingredient for businesses thriving and surviving with a local consumer base. Besides, Google Maps controls two-thirds of the online navigation market, making it a potent SEO tool. But it needs to be wielded with care, precision and expertise. Done right, Google Maps marketing can make your business the go-to name for your customers and the local authority for your products.

3. Creates remarkable opportunities

When your business is listed online, it automatically enables customer reviews, feedback, suggestions, and complaints. Every customer feedback is a stepping stone to success, whether it is appreciative or not. Google Maps displays online reviews under each business’ profile listing. Customer credibility is also demonstrated through star ratings, photo images and submitted reviews. These reviews on Google Maps can help you gain the trust of other potential customers and boost conversions. While even the negative comments provide insight into what can be fixed, the positive comments are infinitely more valuable than any marketing strategy.

4. Fortifies client trust

In addition to building great trust, claiming a business online attracts a wide audience. Businesses should think about being listed in Google maps, especially if they serve local customers. This is because more people trust the web to provide information about local businesses. In this way, potential clients will have access to the most accurate information about your business, regardless of whether you own a website. This access to information also increases the likelihood that they will decide to do business with you.

5. Offers cost-effective marketing & promotion

Google Maps is the best option for businesses to register their online presence even if they cannot afford to maintain a website. Above all, this tool comes free of cost. Using Google Maps, your clients can even find out the real-time status whether your establishment is working or closed for the day. Given these advantages, Google Maps certainly is a better cost-effective option than all traditional marketing tactics.

6. Accentuates brand visibility

Advertising and digital marketing experts say it is a must to list your business online for a reason. It is a great way to expose your brand name to everyone who is online, and that’s pretty much 90% of the people around you. In short, if you are not listed online, you simply do not exist. Therefore, if you are not cashing in on this opportunity, other businesses will happily grab it and make the most of it.

A single search for a business or service on Google Maps is a visually satisfying experience for users. Within seconds, the tool spreads out a map highlighting all the related businesses. And remember, there is no limit to how many results it can pack in a single page. So if your name is not there, you will become oblivious to your potential customers.

7. Brings customers to your doorstep

Having an online business profile on Google Maps linked to your website is the current magic mantra for business sustainability and success. The tool also highlights all your contact information- your address, phone number, email, et al. l. Users can use your business profile to find directions from wherever they are. There’s no need to toggle between apps and web pages. A simple scroll and a tap can lead them right to your doorstep.

Capitalising With Google Maps: The Omnipotent Marketing Tool

Google Maps will constantly expand its features and capabilities, thereby enhancing its position as a marketing tool for businesses. For you, the business owner, this means increased conversions, better user engagement, and superb brand visibility. We are not going to mince words here. If you want to be the local industry leader, Google Maps is where your business should be.

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