Incredibly Useful Tips To Write Catchy Headlines For SEO Content Marketing

The first impression about your blog is created by its title. No matter however good the content is, if the title is not appealing, then your blog is very likely to fail. Titles play a very crucial role in SEO perspective as well. A post with a bad title would not make it to the top results in the search engine results page.Hence catchy titles are vital to the success of digital marketing. How to write an attractive title which can hook readers easily? Here are some tips!

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  • Be crisp and direct – It is the title that tells what a post is all about. So, it should quickly and directly convey it without scope for confusions. This does not mean that your title should always be very short; it’s ok if they are long, but they must be pertinent. But remember not to make titles too long! It’s a fast-paced world; no one is going to spend too much time reading a title!
  • Seek maximum attention–For a single keyword, hundreds of links pop up in the search engine results. How to make people click your post? Your title has to be attention seeking!Most often, people just scan through the results quickly and click those pages with the most irresistible titles.So choose catchy words and writing styles which attracts maximum attention. Using powerful and emotional adjectives is a proven way to grasp attention.
  • Exploit the power of numbers–Using numbers in your title is a trick which works! The logic is simple; people love being specific. When you project your content as a list which provides exciting facts, secrets about something, or solution to problems, people can relate to it more easily, and hence the chance of getting read are more.content ideas2
  • Awaken curiosity–Curiosity is the inborn nature of humans; so why not make the best use of it? Write your titles in such a way that it makes people curious and they cannot head further without curbing their curiosity. Titles starting with ‘Do you know the secrets behind’, ‘Here’s how (some celebrity) achieves (something)’ are all examples of curiosity awakening titles. So use your creativity and make the titles truly tempting!
  • Ask questions and provide answers – People love to get answers to their specific questions and doubts. So frame your titles in such a way that it provides answers to the readers. You can also incorporate questions in your title; when the question matches with what the readers have in their mind, they directly choose your post to read.
  • Optimize for best rankings – As far as search engine ranking is concerned, optimization is the key to getting noticed.All leading content creation services make use of this technique. So try to incorporate keywords into your titles. Do not try too hard and make your title look weird.

Use These Words To Spice Up Your Titles For Digital Content Marketing! 

Here are a few phrases and styles which you can try in your titles to attract the readers. These are just a handful from a very long list!

  1. How To _____?- Step By Step Guide
  2. The Pros And Cons Of _____
  3. 10 Shortcuts For _____
  4. The Simplest Way To Make_____
  5. The Horrific Truth About _____
  6. 15 Lies You believed About _____
  7. 10 Mistakes That Make You Look _____
  8. 20 Secrets About ­­­_____That Every _____ Should Know
  9. How To Take Control Of_____?
  10. 10 Little Known Facts About _____
  11. 15 Tips To Jump-Start Your ­­­­_____
  12. Can You Actually Trust _____

Do Not Forget The Role Of Titles In Content Marketing In Social Media! contentblog3

Search engines are not the only powerful means to drive traffic anymore! Social media is greatly influencing lives today with their increasing popularity. So, you must not fail to focus on social media as well.Using enticing titles in social media can drive large volumes of traffic to your post. You can also use social media as a platform to improve your writing skills; while posting contents on social media, try out different styles of titles and analyse which style or pattern is getting the most attention.Doing this helps you to fine-tune your style!

Good luck!

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