The traffic on a website would not be an always steady graph. There would be up and downs from time to time. If your website is a marketing website which offers discounted sales for festivals, then you have to expect high traffic during festive seasons. Moreover, something new in your website may become viral when you least expect and numerous people may take a peek into your website.

The success of a website depends on its ability to manage huge traffic effectively. The best web design company is one which foresees the need to ensure the operational efficiency of the website during high traffic times and designs and maintains the websites accordingly.Proper optimization ensures that the website does not go down during the times of immense traffic.

Website Optimization Practices Followed By The Best Web Designing Companies

Following the below-listed procedures strictly enables a website to handle huge traffic effectively.

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  • Pay attention to images– Images increase the visual appeal of the websites, but at the cost of performance. Image files are usually large and lead to an increased load during huge traffic. Make use of compression techniques for images so that they load faster and do not overburden the server.
  • Make use of CDN if possible– Content delivery networks (CDN) can be used to outsource the load of the server.This technique is widely followed in the Web marketing in Chennai. A CDN is nothing but an outside network which can be used images, scripts, etc. You might have seen many websites using embedded videos from YouTube or other similar resources; CDN is avery similar concept.
  • Be careful about outdated plugins and broken scripts– Loading and running a website is basically executing a bunch of code. Optimise your code and remove unwanted codes associated with plugins which you are no more using. Also, remove the broken scripts and other unnecessary sections which are often the culprits behind slowing down during heavy traffic.Webdesign2
  • Reduce database calls– Frequent database calls increases the load on the server and slow down the website. Most of the content management systems will work well with static HTML instead of database queries.
  • Make the best use of caching– A large number of frequent database queries overload MySQL database which is a very common reason for servers to get stuck during traffic. The frequency of database calls can be reduced greatly by making use of caching. Increase the SQL query caching time so that the already taken data from the database stays in the cache for a longer time which reduces the need for frequent queries.
  • Beware of malicious attacks– Attacks such as DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), XSS (Cross-site scripting), etc. are some of the common culprits which put your website down with no warning. Such attacks affect your website so negatively. The impacts are severe in the case of online businesses. So, it would always be wise to implement some protective measures to fight such attacks. Such an investment is never a waste as it prevents a lot of business risks which these attacks may bring about.
  • Streamline the website design– Using all best practices to ensure the best performance, create a streamlined version of the website. Mobile users must also be kept in mind during the design process. No user will wait for a site to load when they have easily accessible information elsewhere.

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The success of digital marketing depends greatly on the website design and the website ranking from the search engine perspective. Your website should have an appealing design, relevant contents, it must be visible to a large online community and must also be optimized to be accessed by a number of people simultaneously from all over the world.The service of a digital marketing company which provides this all is what you need if business success is your aim!

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