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Colors can enhance the design aesthetics of any website. Color contrast can improve the design principles, it showcases the importance of good design. It is the contrast that adds visual interest. The layout is everything for the web design, shape, color and size, above this contrast can spice it up all. Contrast cannot be applied randomly; there is a balanced way to approach this principle. Too much of contrast can be confusing and too little can send out a bad message. So, how to enhance the elegance of your web design by adding a balanced color contrast? It comes by practice, keep trying till you catch the right design. Never give up! Digital marketing company in Chennai works towards achieving the best color contrasts that work.

Digital Marketing Services In Chennai – Value The Color Contrast Concepts

Balancing light and dark colors: When it comes to light or dark color it is just the matter of how much to use. Black and white has the best contrasting value but there is no necessity to stick to just those. There are so many other colors that can make great contrasts when it comes to your design. Take on a dark text on a light background. It is the easiest way to get the attention. This is the best way to make it user friendly.

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Color hue contrast: Understanding the color theory is must for the web designers. Painters have been using classic color wheels for centuries now that help them create the right contrast for their compositions. The options include:

  • Complementary colors on the wheel are high contrast vs low intensity like blue/orange or red/green
  • Split complementary colors are any color found on the wheel and two more than base the complement. It is not as dramatic as the complementary combo
  • Triadic is a combination of three colors spaced evenly on the color wheel.

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Digital marketing agency Chennai understands the importance of going with the perfect hues to create successful website design. The colors can be dark, light or even muted to make it more practical given a closer to life appeal.

Adjusting color temperature: Colors can be separated based on their temperature. It can be divided into warm, cool and neutral. Warm colors are reds, oranges and yellows, while the cool colors are greens and blue. The black, white and gray take the neutrals. Designer can experiment by mixing colors of different temperatures particularly warm and cool to create a great contrast. Web pages with contrasting blue and yellow colors can attract the attention of the visitors.

SEO Company In Chennai On The Usefulness Of Color Contrast

Color contrast can be a tricky bait. Imagine a poster with the same color all over, won’t it be boring. Now imagine writing at the bottom, won’t it make it interesting. Similarly, color contrast can give life to your SEO web design. Engage your audience with interesting color contrast. Red and green are the common version of color blindness. It would be advised to use purple with blue. Having a red and purple contrast works but people with color blindness cannot see red in the contrast. If the problem is severe then the words in red and green may not be visible too. Yet there is no need to go overboard to please everyone. Just stick to the basics. There are color filters available in Photoshop and Illustrator to define the use of color that will be suitable for all.

Top web design companies explains on Color accessibility factors

Color contrast

The text color and the background color contrast must satisfy the WCAG guidelines. The text must have a contrast ratio of 4:5:1. The large scale text needs a contrast ratio of 3:1 by the minimum. There is no contrast specification for incidental elements and logos. Another factor to consider is color association. Specific instructions can be confusing when asked particularly while using color to provide directions.

The key here is the color contrast should the elements stand out. The text has to stand out than the background, because it is the text that delivers the message. Keeping the audience in mind choose a color combination that is acceptable to all.

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