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The Google Search Engine Core Algorithm is something that keeps on changing in the blink of an eye! Recently, Pandu Nayak (Vice President of Google Search) announced that Google had established an update to search algorithms. This update ensures that the featured snippets are maintained relevant, fresh, and timely when the query requests it. The latest update is performed to ensure that Google gives accurate and timely answers to your questions.

The Google Announcement!

As part of their regular efforts to make search engines function best for you, Google’s new algorithm update enhances system consideration. It detects what data becomes out of date and what is important over time. This update is particularly useful for featured snippets. It is a feature in search engine which highlights the information you are searching for. Fresh data is essential for queries. Google systems will do the best to find and present the most up to date and useful featured snippets.

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Examples to explain the featured snippets

Let us take for an instance, if you are looking for upcoming holidays, you will surely be not interested to see the holiday list of 2017. You will be looking for upcoming holidays for the existing year or forthcoming year. This is exactly the reason why Google updated the featured snippets to share fresh information as the time revolves.

More accurate: When the exact information is present for a topic, Google displays that new information itself. It can be the events where time and date of the event are shared, but the agenda or speakers will remain pending to be released.
Recent recalls: Reminiscences on safety issues, cars, food.
Nothing is perfect: Google strives to keep improving continuously and steadily!
Google has shared suggestions on core updates and the core search engine ranking algorithmic updates. It does update to the core ranking algorithm once in a few months, and the last update was in June.
Previously, Google had advised that there is nothing that can be done to rectify the website if you notice a decline in search engine rankings after the core update. But now, they have shared a secret weapon, which is – focus on content!

What can you do?

The best content can reap the best results. When evaluating the content, you need to ask specific questions to yourselves.

  • Does the content offer original reporting, information, or analysis?
  • Does the content offer a complete, comprehensive, or substantial description of the subject?
  • Does the content offer interesting information or insightful analysis, which is beyond obvious?
  • Does the page title or headline avoid being shocking or exaggerating in nature?
  • Does the page title or headline offer a helpful, descriptive summary of the topic?
  • If the content focuses on other information, does it avoid rewriting or simply copying those sources and offer substantial additional originality and value?
  • Is this the kind of page you wish to share with your friend, recommend or bookmark?
  • Would you refer to this content or get it printed in a magazine, book, or encyclopedia?

Production and presentation questions

  • Does the content have stylistic or spelling issues?
  • Is the content hastily or sloppy produced, or was it produced well?
  • Is the content outsourced to several creators, mass-produced or spread all over a large range of websites due to which, individual sites or pages do not get much care and attention?
  • Does the content perform well while viewing on smartphone devices?
  • Does the content hold a large number of ads that interfere or distract from the main content?

Quality matters above all!

As Google keeps updating with or without informing, it is best to focus on EAT parts- E for expertise, A for Authoritativeness, and T for Trustworthiness. Digital SEO leads from the front by helping you to get a head start and get noticed by providing you with top quality content that follows the EAT principle with perfection! Get in touch with us at and watch your website soar up above the rankings!

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