content marketing strategies for a movie theatre

Learning the ropes of content marketing is a journey that teaches us a lot of precious lessons on the way. Each obstacle is a learning curve, and each success, even the smallest one is a stepping stone! So, we knew that we were knocking on the door to a whole new arena of learning when we stepped into this movie theatre’s content marketing plans. And, yes! It did open a new door to explore content marketing deeper and deeper! So, let us steer the focus to the lessons learned!

Learn Your Audience!

The first lesson and still, maybe the most forgotten lessons of all- always focus on your audience. Learn the locality, the mindset of the people there, and the way they react to posts on social media. Tirunelveli, being a district which fiercely holds to the Tamil culture, had a different set of audience altogether. As we started devising plans and started studying the audience; we learned a few lessons. Our audience was price sensitive, a bit more emotional about their Tamil culture and absolutely adored the Tamil film stars. Hence, every post made on social media was carefully planned and designed in such a way that it connected to their emotions. This helped us build a strong relationship with the audience. With relation comes trust and with trust comes acceptance!

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Information Holds The Key!

The audience needs information! They always want to know what they benefit. In the case of a movie theatre, the information we need to provide include details about:

  • Upcoming movie releases
  • Timings of the shows
  • Interesting updates related films
  • Exciting updates about the star cast
  • Birthday wishes for film stars
  • Movie trailers
  • Details about advance booking facilities
  • Links to place an online booking

Exclusivity Is The Magic Wand That Can Lure Attention!

Let us admit it! We all love to feel special. When we get to know that we are offered something exclusive, something that is especially given only to us; we feel on top of the world! Hence, a content marketing plan should always focus on making the audience feel special. Let them know that they are offered something exclusive. That immediately draws their attention. For this movie theatre, there were multiple points that had the potential to make the users feel special. They were:

  • The Dolby Atmos
  • The SLS speakers
  • The 4K projectors
  • The plush interiors
  • The premium amenities
  • South Tamil Nadu’s first-ever fully-equipped cinema theatre

All these were crucial marketing points that helped us stand out from the rest!

Scarcity Is The Secret Weapon That Can Give You A Winning Edge!

If exclusivity is the magic wand, then scarcity is the secret weapon! The trick lies in balancing both and devising a content marketing idea that stands out as an irresistible bait! People, in general, are always attracted to things that are scarcely available. If it is readily available for everyone, what is the fun in getting it? Instead, if you get something that is scarcely available, then you get to flaunt it and feel extra special! So, we need to come up with offers that hold the bait of scarcity! Some quick examples can be:

  • Offers that is valid only for a few days
  • Tickets that are getting sold out fast
  • Special show screenings just for a specific time or day.
  • Special combo packs available only on selected days

As we conclude, let us remind you that the learnings do not end here! These are just tips of the iceberg that needs to be explored more and more! Get in touch with us at to boost your business to an enviable height using content marketing techniques that leaves you floored!

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