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User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are buzzwords in digital marketing. They are two crucial aspects that spell success or failure of a project. An astounding analysis by Forrester Research states that a good UX alone can boost conversion rate by 400%! That is the power of UX. It can breathe life into digital marketing strategies and alter the perceptions, reactions and feelings of the user when they interact with a product or service.

On the other hand, User Interface(UI) has more to do with the interaction itself. UI is all about how man and machine seamlessly interact with each other. A good UI fulfils the average consumer’s basic need- user-friendliness.

UI and UX work in tandem to boost the visual appeal of a website and facilitate the easy navigation of the user when he visits the website. When we bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) into this already successful formula, it opens up endless possibilities for both website creators and users alike.

Top web designers from a leading web design company claim that this lethal combination of UI and UX design with AI is the latest trend for 2021 and beyond. With AI advancing by leaps and bounds, more UX enthusiasts and executives believe that it will alter the UX design for the better.

How Artificial Intelligence impacts UI and UX design for the consumer

Today, life is unimaginable without AI. If you are still hesitant about accepting that fact, just think of the numerous ways in which AI has impacted our lives. AI has cleverly sneaked up on you and even altered how you watch shows on streaming services or order your next takeout. What was perceived to be a fantasy about a decade ago is now a reality, and it might be sitting right on your kitchen counter.

With AI propelling UX and UI, organizations get to know more about their customers. It leverages their strategies to improve customer engagement, which is crucial for the success of their product or service.

Here’s how Artificial Intelligence augments UX and UI:

Thanks to AI, all redundant and traditional ways of collecting and analyzing data will be a thing of the past. AI can not only find the means to access and collect colossal amounts of data, but it can also tell you the ways to deal with it. Hence, A/B tests, data maps and usability tests will soon be altered for good.

Despite our dependency on machines, there is an underlying fear that they will be the nemesis of the human race. With industrial robots, smart home appliances and autonomous cars taking over the daily aspects of our lifestyle, the fear and concern is legitimate. But experts in the field of AI are looking forward to a situation that will be beneficial for the users as they will have more opportunity to control the systems.

How often have you reached out to Apple’s Siri to help you find your way in a new city? Think about the numerous ways that Amazon’s Alexa has helped you book your flight tickets. Your digital personal assistants are perfect examples of how AI has fostered a better human connection with the amount of data it collects. For some people, life without these AI assistants is unthinkable.

Technical Impact Of AI As Listed By A Web Design Company

How does AI affect the technical aspects of UI and UX design? Both UI and UX ride on one common rule: to understand user behaviour patterns and use the insights to provide a better user experience. Technically, the combination of AI with UI and UX makes a whole lot of a difference for web designers. They are listed as:

  • Innovative visual appeal
    Designers are game for anything that can enhance visual appeal. Take for example Google’s Auto Draw. It is a cost-effective solution for designers and non-designers to use auto-complete sketches to create products. Apps like Snapchat, Prisma and Artisto also use the same concept to create dynamic filters that are widely accepted by consumers.
  • Automating mundane work
    When designers are faced with the challenge of repeating mundane tasks like colour-correction, resizing, cropping of pictures or redoing a particular pattern, they can now rely on AI to get them done without much interference and supervision. Adobe’s Sensei is one of those AI-enriched developments that are most suitable for such tasks.
  • Thinner interfaces for AI-controlled appliances
    A simple definition of a thinner interface is the ability of a system’s interface to reduce the number of hindrances a user faces while using a product. To design a product with a thinner interface, designers cannot rely only on consumer information. A focussed, streamlined approach leveraged by AI-powered chatbots, gives designers a better insight into user requirements and hence helps them adopt the right strategy for designing a product.
  • Advanced and invisible interfacesAI is already coursing towards making unbelievable trends with interfaces by incorporating Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR). This has made multi-sensory experiences possible like never before. AI’s superior level interfaces are helping designers, marketers and consumers find customized solutions for all products and services.From advanced interfaces to invisible interfaces, AI has made a massive technical leap towards eliminating the physical screen. Echo and Google Home are the best examples of invisible interfaces, but we can look forward to more advanced solutions in the coming future.

In short, UI, UX and AI are already intertwined and it is just a matter of time before we start noticing this coalition in many aspects of our lifestyle. There is no better technology than AI to enhance UX because AI has benefits for the creators and the consumers. Who wouldn’t want to capitalize on a win-win situation?

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