How attractive is your Instagram bio?

Are you looking to create brand awareness for your products? Then Instagram is where you ought to be. This visually appealing social media platform is home to millions of big and small businesses and a billion users. Commoners and celebrities alike flock to Instagram because this platform has the power to weave magic for your virtual presence. 

If your Instagram profile embodies the backbone of your Instagram presence, your Instagram bio symbolises the heart. Your “bio” has no more than 150 characters. But it is the prime real estate that is exclusively yours to use. It is your stage to harp your presence, introduce your brand, and give your visitors the very reason they should follow your brand name

Cast a wider net and rope in a bigger audience

Keeping it short, sweet and powerful is what your Instagram bio is all about. A well-worded bio should be more than enough to create curiosity and interest in your visitor to check out your products or services. If they like what they see, then you’ve got yourself another valuable customer who can bring in more customers by word of mouth. 

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How to create ripples with social media marketing?

Your 150-character bio is a potent social media marketing tactic with a limit. So creativity plays a significant role in how you craft your bio. It has to embody many qualities simultaneously: It has to be appealing, informative, arouses curiosity, has a unique personality,  and give a comprehensive picture of your business. 

 Here’s how you put the zing in your Instagram bio.

1.Define the objectives of your bio.

Your bio is a reflection of you, your business and your products. Hence, giving it a personal, unique touch is imperative. If you are on Instagram for your business, you need to prioritise your objectives. Here are some important examples of business goals that you may want to consider:

  • Showcasing your products and services in the right light.
  • Prompting customers to initiate some action like following you or shopping for your products from your website.
  • Informing customers about your working hours, your USP, discounts, offers, etc. 
  • Conveying the core purpose of your business. 

2. Accentuating your brand’s voice with a suitable username.

Your brand’s tone of voice and personality are vital to showcasing its voice to your potential customers. Whether you choose to make it quirky, playful, very formal and business-like or just blank and to-the-point, is entirely up to you. But remember, there are a billion users, and anyone could browse your bio. So you need to ensure that your brand’s voice aligns with your business and its objectives. 

Choosing a good name is another vital step. If your Instagram account is about ladies’ handbags, you should highlight that in your username, unless your brand is already well-known. Your username will easily attract your target audience even without any photos or videos.

3. Be generous with emoji usage.

Emojis help you convey messages on Instagram in a trendy, quirky and funny way. Seriousness is a big no on Insta, for it can impact your ability to attract visitors. Emojis put a refreshing twist on your bio, make you look unique and enable you to express a lot without words. 

4. Make a Call to Action button mandatory.

A compelling Call to Action button gives your visitors a choice to further explore your business before they choose to leave your profile for another one. Apart from freeing up a lot of space in your bio, this strategy has the potential to convert a visitor into a diehard customer. 

5. Include hashtags in your bio.

Hashtags are an effective tool to connect people to your business and products. That is why all products’ images are accompanied by plenty of hashtags to increase audience reach and visibility. 

What you SHOULD NOT DO with your Instagram bio

  • Forgetting the objectives of your bio. 
  • Forgetting your target audience 
  • Overdoing your bio with keyword optimisation.
  • Forgetting to include your contact information.
  • Avoiding hashtags- This one is a big NO.
  • Forgetting to complete your bio with a strong CTA.

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