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The video is the latest digital marketing trend and is only growing from strength to strength every year. The latest advancements in technology have enabled people to watch more video content, and so digital marketing services are using this to promote their product or service. Video marketing is an effective way to deliver information as it is easy for the people who are viewing it to absorb. With video marketing becoming an essential part of the marketing strategy, here is a look at some of the trends in video marketing.

Social media marketing:There is a faceoff between Youtube which is the number one channel for online videos with some of the social media networks like facebook and twitter. Slowly, but surely Youtube is losing its viewership to Facebook due to its size, There are numerous videos on Youtube and all are fighting over for being seen. Facebook with the introduction of Facebook Watch is giving Youtube a fierce competition, and very soon viewers will move over to Facebook. Twitter not to be left being in this struggle has also come up with its video product. You can garner a lot of video views on Twitter through engagement.The best way to market your videos in social media is through engaging viewers online. If you can create live or recorded videos which the users can share and follow, then there is more likelihood of improved sales. If the content in the video is not appealing, you can expect the reverse too, so watch out.

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Digital marketing services through Live videos:As per stats live videos account for more than 10% of the web traffic and this trend is expected to grow in the years to come. A leading digital marketing company in Chennai opines that it provides a lot of benefits to the brands as

  • The viewer of the live video is more likely to view it longer than the recorded videos, and thus the quality of views is better.
  • The live videos are more economical since there are no post-production costs. The same videos can then be shared online even after the live broadcast is over.
  • These videos are considered as authentic and are more attractive to users than recorded videos.

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Better conversion through social media marketing: dsblog1The next trend seen in video marketing this year is that engaging users through videos are a great way to achieve more conversions. It is a fact that content marketing is the strategy adopted to improve conversion. But often video marketing is ignored, a leading Video marketing company, but if you want to have more conversions engaging clients with great videos is the best tool.

E-learning through videos: Videos are useful not just for marketing but also to provide information is a precise manner. So videos have become an excellent tool for training. You can create these informational videos to make money or to train employees internally. Quality content through videos can help in training more employees with less expenditure. Marketing and training can go hand in hand by integrating content and offering a small course as a bonus for the user who provides leads.

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