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Smartphones are being used for just about everything from making phone calls, browsing, shopping to even making videos. Since people are so dependant on phones, it has changed the way mobile SEO is done. Earlier businesses made their websites web-friendly, but now to target clients, they are made it mobile SEO too. As per latest stats available, it is becoming clear that mobile is an essential aspect of generating leads and sales and even the best SEO company will agree to it. Google is making algorithmic changes so that it recognizes mobile-friendly websites and ranks them higher. All this means to make your site visible in search results to clients; your website should be mobile friendly.

What is Mobile SEO:

A mobile SEO is not much different from the regular SEO that you know of; these sites should be capable of being crawled and found by search engines. The best SEO company will ensure that your site has excellent content, excellent UX and comes up at optimal speed. You should ensure that your site is performing well on mobiles as most of your potential clients will be searching for products or services that you specialize in on their Smartphones than on their desktops. Mobile SEO assists you in building your businesses mobile presence effectively.

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Tips by the best SEO company to make your site mobile friendly

Check if your site is mobile-friendly: Before you start making your website mobile SEO compliant, ensure that you check mobile-friendliness. There are many tools available that can help you figure this out. But the best software is the Google’s mobile-friendly test. You should type the URL of the site in the search and click on Run Test, and that will generate a report on whether the page is mobile friendly or not.

Responsive web design by SEO consultant: Once it is determined that your website can be viewed on the mobile, next is to ensure that it is responsive. Being responsive means that the elements of your page resize according to the device the user is viewing to give them a great browsing and viewing experience. You should ask your SEO consultant to implement all the guidelines Google has in place for responsive web design.

Get the best SEO company to increase the Speed of the website:ds webdesign1 After making your website responsive, you should ensure that the user spends enough time on your website so that there can be some leads. The speed of your site has a significant effect on how long people stay on your page. As per stats, more than 50% of the visitors leave the site if it takes more than a few seconds to load. So some of the best seo company in Chennai ensure that the website loads on your mobile in less than 2 seconds by combining the page requests, compressing large image files that tend to slow the page speed and use cache to make pages come up quickly.

Optimise content: To ensure users stay on your website and also to appear in top search rankings, you should optimize the content. To maximize content, you should use the right keywords, better headlines and have good backlinks.

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