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Every digital marketing company thrives and survives with a plethora of automation tools. However, having the right tools makes all the difference in making it big in the highly competitive digital marketing world.

There are hundreds of digital marketing tools claiming to be the best for the business. The choice can leave even the most seasoned digital marketers overwhelmed. Finding the right set of tools is a huge challenge, but we are here to help you out.

Our blog is packed with an exhaustive list of top-notch digital marketing tools vital for every essential task in this field. So, let’s explore your choices!

Digital Marketing Tools To Boost Your SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is an integral aspect of digital marketing. It is the lifeline of digital marketing and helps increase website visibility, user traffic, ROI, and conversion rates. A good SEO strategy is defined by SEO tools that offer content optimisation, keyword ranking, link building, and technical SEO.

For SEO experts, the following tools have time and again provided holistic solutions.

  • SEMRush

SEMRush enjoys incredible popularity amongst digital marketers worldwide. Experts say that it is a must-have tool to monitor the health of the content published on the websites. The tool is designed to help you:

  • Achieve higher search rankings.
  • Improve Keyword research
  • Offer E-commerce and enterprise solutions
  • Offer services for paid traffic, social media, PR, and market research.

SEMRush is packed with amazing features. As a keyword research tool, it provides crucial insights into the number of keywords driving a website’s ranking. It also allows you to measure the popularity of the keywords used.

With SEMRush at your disposal, you can derive analytic reports for advertising, organic and keyword research, traffic analytics, and market explorer. And, there’s more about SEMrush that makes digital marketers sing its praises. The tool is a powerful platform that offers functionalities like:

  • Backlinking
  • On-page SEO checker
  • Content Analyser
  • PPC Keyword Tool
  • Social Media tracker and poster
  • Brand monitoring
  • Ad Builder
  • SEO Writing Assistant
  • CPC Map
  • Charts and reports
  • Keyword Magic Tool

If you want to know more, take a look here.

Is SEMRush available for free? Yes, it is, but with limited functionality. The tool also offers three different subscription plans: Guru, Business, and Pro. Check here for all the details regarding the plans and pricing, and choose what’s best for you.

  • Ahrefs

The next popular SEO tool Ahrefs is no less than a goldmine for every digital marketer. The company has data for more than 150 million keywords in the United States and more for 150 countries. This comprehensive tool is studded with multiple features that make it a worthwhile investment.

With Ahrefs, you can:

  • Track your Google rankings and analyse your competitor’s websites.
  • Explore keywords and find valuable linking opportunities.
  • Use the Content Gap Analysis tool to identify the weak keywords in your content
  • Use advanced digital marketing metrics to assess your strength
  • Track traffic to your web pages using the Top Pages tool.
  • Track the traffic that visits your competitor’s website
  • Use Keywords Explorer Data to understand search volume trends and SERP ranking history.
  • Gain insights on the keywords to target based on keyword difficulty scores.

Interested to know more about Ahrefs? Just swing by here for a detailed explanation of the tool and its features. Now that you know about this amazing SEO tool let’s explore its pricing. It is a paid tool that offers flexible plans. Click here to know the price details.

  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Christened with a distinctive name, Screaming Frog is a powerful and user-friendly SEO crawling tool gaining immense popularity. The tool is a one-stop-shop with features that benefit on-page SEO activities. Screaming Frog is beneficial for small and large websites and covers everything from basic on-page SEO aspects to HTML, Javascript, and CSS.

Expert Digital Marketers use Screaming Frog to:

  • Analyse results in real-time and gather critical on-site data
  • Link it with Moz or Google Analytics for more information
  • Identify site errors by crawling websites for broken links
  • Assess page titles and audit hregflang attributes
  • Discover duplicate pages and create site visualisations

A paid subscription to Screaming Frog entitles you to add-on features, crawl configuration, custom source code search, and other integration options. Additionally,
installing a log file analyser on desktops will provide users with insights that even site analytics may not provide.

Does Screaming Frog SEO Spider interest you? Take a look at their tutorial page to know more. Let’s now discuss the pricing. The tool allows users to download and crawl 500 URLs for free. Want to gain access to advanced features? You can buy a license. Check here for the price details.

Vital SEO Audit Tools For Digital Marketers

Search engine optimisation is all about efficiency. The right tools will make your day-to-day activities much easier, or you will spend weeks optimising a single website.
Seasoned SEOs can help you can gather insights from SEO audits. However, to understand your audit report and resolve impending issues, you must use the appropriate tools.

Industry experts recommend using the three SEO audit tools listed below:


Are you looking for a solution to speed up your SEO site audit? JetOctopus could be the right choice for you. This powerful tool is a cloud-based crawler that crawls websites at incredible speed. JetOctopus is unique because it adopts a problem-centric approach to help users prioritise on-page optimisation.


Sitebulb is popular as a crawling tool and for its ability to interpret the gathered data and prioritise the issues for quick action. Furthermore, the website auditing tool bridges the gap between enterprise crawl solutions and desktop crawlers.

3. Website Auditor

This outstanding software is a collection of site audit tools that allow on-page auditing, technical SEO guidance and reports. The software is highly useful for webmasters, digital marketers, and business owners. Powered by hi-tech automation, the software scours the website to spot and fix technical issues that can impact your rankings. It also provides solid and accurate data with neat visualisations for analysis and on-page optimisation.

Power Ahead With The Right Digital Marketing Tools

The SEO tools and SEO audit tools we’ve listed are proven solutions used worldwide by digital marketers. We suggest you make maximum use of them to gain the desired results and carve a niche for your digital marketing company.

Digital SEO heads the list of promising and successful digital marketers in Chennai. Call our team to know more about digital marketing tools and the ways to implement them. Get in touch with us today!

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