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Writing a unique article or creating unique content that hits all the right spots is just the first step in the world of search engine optimization. The next step is very crucial in ensuring that the content is able to reach the market segment you were targeting. This includes placing the content at the right locations at the right time. According to the agencies for SEO in Chennai, content placement depends on what you are actually trying to achieve.

Guest Blog Posts
The main aims of creating new content usually include generating new leads, creating brand awareness, increasing site traffic, improving your keyword ranking, etc. Posting your content on other websites can help you with lead generation as well as brand awareness. Many blogs offer the option of submitting guest blogs that can help you in the long run. This gives a chance for new people to come across your product or brand, thereby creating new customers. Some websites also offer to promote your post across their social media channels getting you a wider audience.

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Post On Authority Sites
When you manage to post on a site that has a higher authority than yours , you get hold of a backlink from this authoritative site which in turn improves your keyword ranking. Another advantage of posting high quality content on authority websites also helps establish you as an authority in the market as per the SEO specialists in Chennai.

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Social Media Websites
Online users spend a lot of their spare time browsing through social media website. This makes it essential that your content has some representation on these social platforms to reach the audience you are targeting. Facebook is another way of reaching a wider audience in a shorter period of time. Once your content reaches the right audience, all they need to do is hit share or like, and the number of people seeing your article will be increased manifold.
Here are a few social media websites that you can use to your advantage to promote your business:

  • If you are looking at the B2B market, you need to post your content on websites like LinkedIn or Medium. These websites cater to people who are serious about their business or work making it easier to reach your target audience. Once you create a profile on one of these websites and start posting your content, your audience will start picking up and so will your authority on the subject.
  • Facebook has grown beyond a lot being a tool for staying in touch in the past decade. Several features have been included it he latest version of Facebook that makes it very appealing to marketers and business owners. The ability to send updates and teasers regarding your content can help rein in the audience towards your website with hardly any trouble. The wide audience that Facebook is actually quite remarkable.
  • Today’s audience does not have too much time to scrolling through posts to see if it is relatable to them or not. Twitter comes in handy in reaching out to the public who has a shorter concentration span. However, instead of sending out a single tweet, send out multiple tweets over the course of a week with varying hashtags to lure in people to read your content. Always remember the more the incoming traffic, the higher the page ranking!
  • Another awesome way for sharing your content is through YouTube. Since content can consist of literally any type of media, you can use YouTube to make it more visually appealing to your audience, especially since it has its own search engine.

At the end of the day, the success of any content lies in its uniqueness according to the SEO experts in Chennai. Once you have created some fantastic content, it will be easy to get an audience for it. So invest a bit of time in creating unique content that catches your audience’s eye and post it at any one of the places mentioned above to see your site traffic boom in no time at all!

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