The Term SEO has become an everyday jargon to any business house in the present-day. At first, it was an enigma to many, but as days rolled on, it has become one of those “I know how they do it” things! Many self-acclaimed SEO experts pick up bits and pieces of info(mostly from the web) and become overnight Demi-Gods in the field. Living in the land of Demi-Gods, we must confess that many a commoner falls prey to their larger than life demeanour.

Once, just once, try to whisk off that Iron Man Mask and see what’s actually inside, you will be shocked to find that he is no Tony Stark but Mr.Bean! So, what you expect and what you find inside are two extremes, to say the least. Hence, here comes the question….

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How Do I Know He is the Avenger I am Looking For?

It is very Simple! Ask the Right Questions – You Will Get the Right Answers!

Ans1:  Yes I am an SEO Agent

Action: Shake Hands with a ‘Nice Meeting You’ and leave!

Ans2: I am a Complete Digital Marketing Agency

Action: Move on to the Next Question

Ans1:  Yes, we are (that’s what they say anyways!). We enrol our staff in regular trainings with an institute that trains on these updates.

Action: Reply, “Give me that institute’s address, I too can learn & use that knowledge. Why do I need you?”… and then Leave!

Ans2:  Yes, we do update ourselves. We have a separate R&D structure that works tirelessly on Google Algorithms and updates. What we learn & implement is from our own testing grounds.

Action: Smile! You are almost there. Move on to the next question.

Ans1: Yes, we do. We have separate teams working on separate businesses, so it doesn’t clash.

Action: Feel a little, for missing a talented team, for Business Ethics is far more important than just skill.

Ans2: No we don’t. We follow certain moral codes & do not do business with two different companies who may be in direct or indirect competition with each other.

Action: Smile, offer a Firm Handshake, for you have found your Mr.Stark!

How Do I Find My Tony Stark?

No Harry Potter magic will help you find the right guy. But, hey, there are ways, which will help you identify your man. Here are some clues that will help you sideline the Mr.Beans from the Tony Starks.

seo packages copy 1SEO Packages – Hail or Hell?

If you find someone who screams of SEO Packages and keyword sets, offering quotes on keyword basis – 9/10 times you will fall for him right?! Well, there is your Mr.Bean! Tony Starks know the game; they understand that SEO Packages don’t work. Every SEO Game Plan needs to bend, sway and run a marathon if need be, according to what suits the business best. Customised SEO & Digital Marketing is what helps – not Packages. There is no One Size Fits All rule. Simply put – It Doesn’t Work! Run hard and fast in the opposite direction if you are serious about giving your website the edge. Else, if you want to enjoy the fun ride with Mr.Bean, so be it folks, but at your own risk!




Social Media Management – Yes or No?

Many tend to think that SEO & Social Media are two different things not realising that it’s two sides of the same coin! A Mr.Bean will find it too hot to handle as it involves creativity and some ‘thinking on the feet.’ Starks know the importance that Social Media plays in overall SEO optimisation and hence will be capable of wielding the Double-Edged Sword.


Goals Reached – Switch Off Engine or Reduce Speed?

Once you reach the ranking targets its Job Done or so sayeth the Mr.Beans! Do not fall for that. As Businesses, you will have to understand that SEO is a continuous process. A Tony Stark will tell you that “Yes, you can take the foot off the gas” but that never means you have to switch off the engine! Reduce Speed, probably lesser petrol consumption, but keep moving in the right direction. Else, your competition will overtake & zoom beyond reach in no time!

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