So, your business now has a website. Welcome to the world of the internet! Your business is now gone global, and you expect customers to pour in. But why isn’t it happening? The answer to your question lies in understanding the ways and means to regulate website traffic to your website. If you are looking for a steady influx of customers, the secret is not just having an online presence; there is more to it. When it comes to driving traffic, trial and error method is no solution. Leading companies handling web design and SEO in Chennai have compiled time tested methods to drive traffic to your website.

9 Useful Tips for Better Visibility

1. Let your website navigation be simple and clear. There is no need to add extra pages that do not serve any purpose. The available pages have to be labeled and made easily visible.

2. Write a meaningful headline that conveys the information to the viewer in a straightforward manner. Viewers want the information delivered to them on a platter and make this attractive. The purpose of the web page has to be contained in the headline.

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3. Boost customer interactivity with sufficient call for action. Just one or two will do to instigate the customers to take a call. For instance, call now for a free demo or subscribe to our newsletter or schedule an appointment now are some of the action tags that can add the visitor to your contact list.

4. About Us page is impertinent for your business. A visitor would definitely want to know whom they are doing business with. Share your story, passion, and vision with your visitors. It can help them conclude your business character.

5. Customer testimonials go a long way in bringing in new customers. Happy customers endorsing their experience can give credibility to your business. Add customer feedback onto your website and put up some reviews on third party website or forums to add authenticity to the review. You can also share your website link on these forums after taking permission from them.

6. Authenticate your claims with certifications, badges, and logos. If you have fortune 500 companies among your clientele, ask their permission to display their logo on your website under the clientele section. It can add credibility. Moreover, if you have certifications to prove your claim, do not hesitate to put it up on the website. If you are an ISO certified company, take an image of the certificate and display on your website, it can add legitimacy to your claim. Once you build your integrity, it is easy to gain traffic to your website.

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7. A guarantee and warranty are strong words to be used on your website. Unless you can stand by it, do not attempt it. If you have factual data to establish your claim, then these would be the best words to use to attract traffic to your website.

8. Ensure you collect the email address of the visitor to share a newsletter or send samples. This can help to remind the visitor about your product and services on a regular basis.

9. Social media has become an integral part of life for youngsters and if you want to tap them ensure you are visible on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites.

Try these tips and be prepared to manage the traffic that comes into your website!

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