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The Indian Wedding Industry holds a prominent part in the marketing industry all thanks to India’s fetish for weddings. For India, a wedding is not just a close-knit family affair. Instead, it is a once in a lifetime moment they celebrate nonstop. No wonder it is often referred to as the “Big fat Indian wedding.”

The Indian Wedding Industry comprises of both large and small companies and entrepreneurs who hold different sections of the wedding as their expertise field. The industry is thronged by multiple small and large enterprises like wedding consultants, event management specialists, caterers, cosmetic industry, beauty industries who take care of the hair and makeup, music, photographers, honeymoon packages, dresses, bridesmaid costumes and flowers which comes in a synchronized form, and the list goes on! The industry as a whole reaps enormous profits and is a crucial part of the economic stability of the nation. But, the small component parts which make up this large industry can be very small. Some of them are considerably smaller than their counterparts. They can be local suppliers with private ownership.

Also, some of these smaller components which include the likes of caterers, photographers, invitations, makeup, DJs, etc. may also take up other works other than weddings without affecting their business in the wedding industry.

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Know The Power Of Branding

Planning to start a wedding planning business? Well, the most powerful tool you can use is your brand! Many have the misconception that brand is just the logo, name, and other visual aspects. No! Branding is much more than that. It is the grand total of all your marketing efforts. If your marketing tactics were on point, then that will reflect on your brand popularity.

Your customers expect your brand to be a reflection of the products or services you offer. Your brand holds a mirror of the way your customers tend to perceive your business and interpret your business philosophy. It is never limited to the design of your logo or the fonts you use to jot down the name. Your customers relate your brand to the work you do, the vendors you work with, and the clients you offer service to.

This is exactly why branding is a crucial step in your business. It is a two-sided sword that can make or break a business. Hence, making use of it in the right way is extremely important. It can act as a lure for attracting the right customers to your business. When you build up a brand, you are building up brand equity.

The brand equity will be your most devoted worker who works hard in developing your business and exhibiting your services as one of the most valuable assets for your clients. The brand makes your company a known name everyone can easily relate to.

Developing The Brand

So, how to develop and set up a brand of your own? Well, it is not such a huge task. If you play the cards right, you will top the game. The only prerequisite here is that you should know to play it right!

      The 5 Seconds That Matter

Imagine a couple browsing using their smartphones. They stumble on your website, ad, or any information related to you. The chances that they will decide whether you are the best choice for them within a short span of 5 seconds. Yes! You just have 5 seconds to make the best impression! If you don’t impress them in those 5 seconds, they will scroll down, ignoring you and your business.

      Easy To Understand, Easy To Repeat

Make sure that the information you provide is easy to understand. Anyone who reads it should understand it in one glance itself. Remember the fact that no one is going to spend even an extra second to stop and try to understand what you are trying to convey. They should also be able to repeat the information you provide to others without much strain. Hence, it should be easy to understand, easy to remember, and catchy enough to make them interested.

      Tagline – Your Brand’s Caption!

Your business’s tagline is like a caption to your brand. In simple words, the tagline should carry your story and the feeling you need to convey to your clients. The tagline should be your voice, which speaks to the client.

      Pick Your Hero Images

Yes! You might have a gallery full of images from different angles. But, do they all represent what your brand wishes to convey? No! If you keep using different images to represent your brand, then you end up creating a visual confusion in the minds of your users. Never end up confusing your users with images. Instead, select those hero images which will convey the idea your brand wish to portray in the best way possible.

      What Are You Best At?

What is your expertise? Most people won’t have a definite answer to this question at first. But when you ponder a bit on what you are best at, you will get the answer. Think about the compliments you get. Which work garners the most number of compliments for you? Is there any wedding type that you are exceptionally confident at handling? Answers to these questions will point towards your expertise. Once you find your expertise, start promoting it, and establish your brand in that expertise.

      Prove That You Are An Expert!

Knowing what your expertise is only the first step. Next step is to prove to others that you are an expert in this. Establish the fact by using various methods. You can try writing blogs regularly on the topic. You can also provide valuable tips and tricks about the topic using your social media channels. This can help in establishing the fact that you are an expert in that particular field. You can also upload informative videos about the same on your YouTube channels.

The Million Dollar Question- Branding! How To Do It?

Branding is what everyone wants to do. But, branding is what most of us don’t know how to do precisely. There are a million theories available if you browse on this topic, but still, you feel the jitters of not getting it right. Relax! Modern wedding planning and branding is not a huge task nowadays, all thanks to the social media trends that rule the market. In any industry, social media is the vital game changer, and the wedding industry is no different.

      Hashtags – The Expert Game Changer!

Hashtags help to view all the wedding-related pics on a social media platform at one common place, be it on Facebook or Instagram. Even the guests can make use of wedding hashtags to share their pictures with the newlywed couple. Businesses in the wedding industry can also make good use of the hashtags to make their services and products one of the trending hot topics in the industry.

      Online = Endless Inspirations!

If you are looking for inspirations, look no more! Just browse online, and you will have a plethora of inspirations to pick cues from. Pinterest is one of the best sources for inspirations be it the wedding dress, jewels, makeup, hair dressing, flower arrangements, catering, and what not! You name it; you get it!

      Say It Loud With Videos!

Years back, a wedding video was nothing but an unedited video of the wedding. But, now, technology has taken a quick leap, and wedding videos are now picturesque and breathtaking representations of the couple’s tale of love. With the increased usage of YouTube, users can easily upload the videos online and garner an improved viewership.

      Venues Are Now Easy To Access

Gone are the days when the guests had to toil hard just to find the venue and reach there. Nowadays, marriage halls in Chennai and all over India are easily accessible than ever. We, at DigitalSEO, had carried out SEO and SMO activities for one of the leading wedding halls in Chennai and made a profound impact in their wedding business. If your business includes venues that host weddings, you can set up a Facebook page for promotional purposes. This helps the couple to search for venues that fit their requirements and budget. They can also check the reviews by other clients and make a quick decision.

      Reviews Speak A Lot!

Vendors working in the wedding industry would swear by the way in which social media helps them make a profound impact. When the couple works in coordination with an event planner, wedding venue, wedding photographer, beauty studio, spa service or any other vendor, they can easily tag these vendors on their social media posts and post reviews about their services.

AIDA- Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action

When it comes to marketing your products, or services the right way, the AIDA funnel is one of the important factors to be considered. AIDA stands for- Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action. This is the funnel by which any business has to implement a marketing strategy so as to make the customer take action.

Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

Any product or service will have a group of people that will fit in their ideal customer tag. Hence, way before you decide on a marketing tactic or strategy, you will have to find your product’s or service’s, ideal customer. Let us assume that you have a studio which offers photography services. Even if the same customer comes to you on three different occasions- a birthday party, wedding, and baptism, still the interests and needs will be different for all three. This is why you need to find the ideal customer description for each of the services you provide. Here is a quick list of information you can collect:

      Marital Status
      Their most preferred brands
      The attributes that make them distinct
      Their interests, passions
      Their most favorite way of spending time.
      The sites they usually browse when they are online
      The sites or shops they rely on to make a purchase
      The person for whom or the purpose for which they spend most of their money
      The problem, need or worry that they face at present and the ways in which you can offer a solution for the same.
      The attractive factors that make them interested in your products or services
      The primary concerns they face when they book your service
      The type of people you attract to your business at present
      In case you notice a disconnect in the kind of people you attract to your business at present, find the ways in which you can attract the right type of people.

All the above points can help you zero in on the ideal customer for your business. After you get a list of attributes that define your ideal customer, you can start a reverse engineering process to find out ways to lure them to your business.
The tactics to be followed is to keep your potential customer engaged right from the time they start looking for various options. Thus, you can influence their decision-making process and make them choose your business.

Quick Tips For Photographers

When it comes to wedding photography, finding marketing tactics can seem to be a difficult task, all thanks to the multifarious options and lesser leads available. If you seem to be in a fix unable to decide where to start and how to start, fret not! We, at Digital SEO, can help wedding photographers in Chennai and beyond to take the first step that can catapult your business to success. We had played a prominent role in the online marketing and social media strategies of WeDid, one of the top candid wedding photographers in Chennai. Even if you have recently stepped in the wedding photography industry or a seasoned photographer, you will always have something new to learn and improve in the vast sea of online marketing. Marketing opportunities hide almost everywhere. You just need to have the eye to spot it and make good use of it.

SEO- The Midas Touch

SEO can give the well-deserved Midas touch to your online marketing techniques. Time and money invested in SEO is always the time and money well-spent. You will never regret it. SEO may not provide you instant results, but if you wait a bit, you can see the results pouring in. You have to stay patient until then.

Google Business- Get Listed!

A Google Business page is easy to create and yields great results too. It is free and can get your business listed. It helps you to get quick associations in your locality. If you are still wondering what a Google business page can do, try searching on google and check the top results that pop up. The top results will always have a map linked to it. This is exactly what we are talking about. So, start creating your business profile and don’t forget to fill all the fields correctly. You can even add client reviews, testimonials, and images to showcase your expertise.

Blogs- The Crowd Puller!

Blogs are an easy way to showcase your expertise in your business and to flaunt your works. Maintain a separate space on your website to add blogs and keep updating it regularly. Blogs can act as an instant crowd puller as more and more people who are interested in wedding related information can flock into your website to read your blogs. You can offer interesting makeup tips, spa and beauty treatments and hair styling tips and any other interesting tips a to-be bride or groom would love. For instance, Top Spas in Coimbatore often makes use of blogs to offer massage and spa tips to their customers. Blogs offer you an excellent opportunity to impress them and get some quality leads.

Make An Impression With Wedding Shows!

They say if you have got it, you have to flaunt it! Wedding shows are a great way to showcase your talent and to get connected with other known names in the industry. It can also act as an instant show stealer that can put your business in the limelight and make everyone stop and take a look at you. Wedding shows helps you meet plenty of potential clients and also helps you interact and build close relations with other vendors working in the same industry. Couples will also feel confident to talk to you and will remember you as they had the opportunity to meet you in person and clear their doubts with you.

Google Ads- The Googly To Strike Success!

Google Ads can be the best way to get some quick returns. It shows quick results if you are willing to spend time and money on it. Google Ads always works and is a sure-shot way to get the best results. We at DigitalSEO have often used Google Ads as a perfect marketing strategy for one of the leading makeup artists in Chennai who was struggling to make a mark in the online marketing arena. It has worked wonders for them and has catapulted their business up the ladder of success.

Facebook Ads- Face Off The Best Results

Facebook Ads gives you the best opportunity to target your ideal customer group. It can be an instant way to attract a large group of clients. Facebook Ads can be used to directly target certain age groups, demographics, and user interests. Thus, it offers a perfect platform to catch the attention of your target customers without spending an exorbitant amount. Facebook Ads are an affordable, easy, and quick way to market your products or services.

These are some of the great ways in which entrepreneurs and established companies can make use of digital marketing to expand and gain a foothold in the Indian wedding industry. If you are wondering how to make the right step at the right time, DigitalSEO can always lend a helping hand. Get in touch with us to get the right guidance to come up with effective marketing strategies that can help you rank higher in searches, get noticed, and get quality leads that can build your business step by step. Get ready to steal the spotlight within the glittering charm of the Indian wedding industry!

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