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All businesses do realize the need for digital marketing as much as traditional marketing. Digital marketing is probably more effective than traditional marketing as it reaches out to the right audience and has a higher conversion rate. While many big and successful businesses have already established their presence online, even small businesses stand an equal chance of success through digital marketing.

Most start ups and small to mid size businesses can compete with global giants by making smart use of Digital Marketing. You can promote your business using several methods of digital marketing and easily win over new customers.

Chennai has been a major business centre over the years and is ever developing with new start ups every day. For the business to make it in this tough competitive world one has to invest in both traditional and digital marketing. In today’s digital era, digital marketing has overtaken traditional marketing methods in both efficiency and the ability to reach and convert potential customers.

Digital marketing can be done in small ways by business owners themselves or they can do it efficiently by employing a professional, proficient in the digital marketing world.

There are many online marketing companies in Chennai that can do an excellent job of digitally marketing the business to target specific audiences. Digital marketing requires a lot of background work and understanding of the exact operation of search engines and changing search algorithms. Here are a few ways by which you can get started with digital marketing.

1. Content is King: This has become too cliché in the digital world, but then it is the very essence of digital marketing and cannot ever be overemphasized. Premium content that keeps the customer engaged stands a great chance at success of conversion and sales. Google has developed several algorithms that employ artificial intelligence to understand the quality and context of the content. Creating great content should not be very difficult if you have someone on the team with creative writing skills and a thorough understanding of the business.

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2. Create videos: While you might not be able to hire a professional and create high quality videos you could always find someone with photography and video skills who would be willing to create instructional videos of the business and its products. Video content goes a long way in advertising and promoting the business.

3. Social media marketing: While great content can be shared online, the content may be in the form of infomercials, videos, photos, quizzes and anything to keep the customer engaged. This is bound to create great backlinks as the customers who relate to it are more likely to share about it. Many websites also offer discounts and coupons for paid ads. Paid ads can be customized to reach out to the right audience based on age, gender, location, and so much more, but may come with a surplus charge on targeted marketing. When speaking of social media the pretty obvious ones are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and Pinterest.

4. DIY infographics: These are powerful marketing tools that are easy to reach out to people and get shared easily. This creates referral traffic and links to the business site. Software like Adobe Illustrator or even Slideshare may be used effectively to create great content.

5. Refresh old data: Old data tends to get obsolete over time. The same old data can be renewed to deliver great results. The data may be refreshed with interesting developments and data, images, videos, statistical charts and predictions. Old data can also be recycled. Recycling old data means that webinars may be converted to video tutorials and blog posts to eBook, there is a great chance that there are many out there who haven’t seen your old content then it can be renewed entirely.

6. Blogging: Blogging again is about creating great informative content that addresses a problem and provides your product or service as a solution to it. Even by blogging twice a week you increase your chances of being found by search engines. Guest blogging is another effective marketing tool to be found.

7. Email marketing: Email marketing campaigns must be integrated with other marketing campaigns for maximum impact. Create an email subscriber list and keep customers engaged and updated on products and services.

You can follow the ideas mentioned above to get started with digital marketing and increase the visibility of your business online.

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