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Digital marketing is as, important as or even more important than, traditional marketing strategies for a successful business or organization. Companies need to establish their presence online. Earlier, it was as simple as creating a website and sprinkling it with a few keywords and links but not anymore. As artificial intelligence is applied to search algorithms, the search engine algorithms keep changing and it tries to understand the context of the content. Search engines carry out serious research in order to deliver the most relevant results to the user. The search engine takes into account user experience, user behaviour patterns and backlinks when coming up with the search results.

To keep in step with these changing algorithms and trends, search engine optimization too has to change the way it operates and delivers. Businesses need to approach professional digital marketers and search engine optimizers who can do this job for them.

Tirunelveli has been a commercial center since time immemorial. However, with changing times, it is mandatory for businesses in Tirunelveli to change with the times. Any business, irrespective of its size, has to have a strong online presence to succeed in this digital era. You can employ SEO services in Tirunelveli to establish your presence in the online world. With a strong SEO strategy in place, you can improve the visibility of your business online, and generate more revenue and attract new customers thereby expanding your clientele.

Google’s Panda algorithm and Penguin algorithm are proof that it is ever evolving and the company has a lot of work to do to stay ahead in the digital world. The Panda algorithm was released in February 2011 to identify sites with poor quality content and prevent these sites on the search results. Panda is updated from time to time and run to keep a check, websites too need to change accordingly to escape the Panda. The Penguin algorithm was released in April 2012 to prevent sites that cause spamming results from buying links and building links using those link networks that target Google ranking.

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Ever since Penguin, link building too has become complicated. It cannot be bought through link networks, but then search engine optimization too has evolved to build links within networks, social signals, content research and brand recognition content. Link building also employs anchor text and page rank. Implied links also may be used for link building. An Implied link is a link that only mentions the particular site but is not hyperlinked. This link passes through the filters and can still can positively build links. Present link campaigns identify targets to build a brand, link markets to drive traffic, social media marketing, seek guest posts on authority sites and analyse competitors to identify the most suitable topics for content marketing and guest posts.

RankBrain algorithm, an artificial intelligence system, was introduced by Google in October 2015. This algorithm is made up of over 200 ranking factors which filter the search results and try to understand and analyse the context of the content. It eliminates the idea of keyword density, that is to say that it does not focus on contents with just the right keywords but also analyses the relevance of the content to the user.

Both on-site and off-site content marketing falls under scrutiny by Google’s search algorithms. The content needs to be written well, and too much advertising will be penalized. The best way would be to attain guest posts, but then again, any blogs that are seen as selling links can be caught by Penguin, which may again lead to penalization. The content needs to be of premium quality, and must keep the user engaged, build a network with bloggers and site owners in related industries. Search engine optimization analyses competitors and finds the right phrases for emerging markets.

Pay per click ads (PPC) have turned into successful campaigns to increase site traffic and sales. Big to small brands incorporate this in their marketing strategies. Google Adwords, based on artificial intelligence and data, help marketers to identify what the user is most likely to look for based on their browsing history. The campaign is cost-effective as the business needs to pay only when clicked by a user and helps gain a better quality score. The cost per click also may be reduced with improved quality. In case of pay per click, the marketer must also focus on the quality of the landing page and also track and analyze poorly performing campaigns.

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