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Backlinks? Are they still relevant in this age and time? Do they hold as much significance? Can I still rely on them to assess my website’s performance? We bet you have a dozen more questions as soon as you see our blog title. Read more details about backlinks and their relevance for Search Engine Optimisation in 2022.

Backlinks: Their Role & Purpose in SEO

For the uninitiated, a backlink refers to any link that literally “links”a website with another. The role of backlinks is to redirect organic traffic from various websites that carry relevant content to yours.

Also known as “Inbound” or “Incoming” links, backlinks are indispensable SEO assets because they represent confidence and trust in your website. When other websites prefer to link to your webpage or site, it implies that your content is worth linking to. Multiple backlinks signal search engines that your content is worth vouching for.

Basically, backlinks are of two types:

  • Do-Follow Backlinks that add value to your website and boost website strength.
  • No-Follow Backlinks that help only in moving organic traffic from different websites to yours.

Google and other major search engines take backlinks quite seriously. Webpages and sites with an impressive number of backlinks enjoy high SERP rankings. However, the lingering question is this:

Do search engines still rank websites based on backlinks? The answer is yes.
Let’s take Google as a prime example. The main objective of the most-used search engine in the world is to provide credible, reliable, valuable, comprehensive, and factually correct information. Therefore Google takes into consideration various other ranking variables like:

  • Relevancy of the connecting site
  • Search ranking
  • Page authority

As far as backlinks are concerned, Google prioritises the editorial character of your backlinks. Incoming links from other websites have an incredible impact on a website’s ranking and search visibility because Google perceives these links as a vote of credibility from other websites.

Does that mean hundreds of links automatically boost your ranking to Google’s coveted first page? Not quite. The search engine is intelligent enough not to go only by numbers but also by quality, which it assess by using certain parameters.

5 Factors Used by Google to Assess Backlink Quality

1. Exclusivity

Google has a special affinity for backlinks from authoritative sites that prioritise only your site and not your rivals’. To showcase your site’s exclusivity, you should have special forums and conferences to highlight only your business or work. Exclusivity gives you a fantastic chance to create high-quality backlinks.

2. Diversity

Google prefers websites that have developed additional aspects like:

  • Blogs
  • Press releases
  • Directories
  • Magazines
  • Conferences

Such diverse websites will attract quality backlinks from authoritative blogs, conferences, etc.

3. Content

The value of your content influences Google’s search queries. Therefore, it is important to understand the audience of the connected site so that you can address their problems effectively. Also, keep in mind that if the owner of a website connects to yours, even though it is not related to the demographic targeted by your site, it is a red flag for you.

4. Relevance

There are four ways to use backlinks:

  • From one domain to another
  • From one page to another
  • From one domain to another
  • From one page to another

Do not waste your time on irrelevant inbound links that do not add any value to your site. For example, if you run a school, you would gain nothing from a pet store’s website, right? And let’s not forget that Google will raise the red flag on such fraudulent tactics.

5. Location

Google also favours search intent for link location and prefers links that neatly merge with the existing content. Irrelevant links that stick out like a sore thumb on the sidebars or footers are prominent red signals that should be avoided at any cost.

Let’s circle back to our question in discussion: Are backlinks still important in 2022? Of course, they are! The more quality backlinks your website has, the higher Google hoists your ranking. Let’s explore the benefits.

SEO Advantages of Having Backlinks To Your Website

1. Brings organic traffic

Backlinks that link relevant web pages that shine with high-quality content are like nuggets of gold. Whoever said “Content is King” is right because well-structured, original content is like a show stopper. And remember that such content brings highly valued organic traffic because readers are always on the lookout for sources that take them to what they are looking for.

2. Brings complementary backlinks

Valuable and relevant backlinks always support and enhance each other. Good backlinks that point to high-quality content always attract other websites with similar quality links. You may not be aware that such websites are backlinking to your site and driving traffic. You wouldn’t say no to that, would you?

3. Helps your site scale the SERP ladder

Google’s algorithms are always looking for websites with high-quality, traffic-driving backlinks. It determines website ranks based on the number of times your website is backlinked by different sites. When your site shows domain authority, it automatically starts climbing the SERP ladder.

4. Brings brand recognition

You are in luck if you operate e-commerce or brand websites since more websites linking you means more traffic and more chances of people becoming customers. Using backlinks to highlight your brand is a proven strategy that delivers desired results.

Good Backlinks Vs. Bad Backlinks: Know the Difference

  • A good backlink is not born overnight. Creating a valuable link takes time, effort, and a lot of nurturing. Bad links are ones that quickly deteriorate into irrelevant, unruly ones.
  • Link locations are another important factor in identifying good links from bad ones. Too many inbound links from irrelevant websites ring alarm bells that search engines are quick to note and mark red.
  • Believe us when we say that just ten backlinks can be categorised as good ones, while a hundred from poor websites signify “link toxicity.”

The final look

As of 2022, backlinks are a much-needed SEO strategy. Don’t be surprised if they are still on the much-wanted list a decade from now. So, don’t you think it’s time to strengthen your website with backlinks? Call Digital SEO, the best SEO company in Chennai, and let’s discuss your requirements today!

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