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We are all aware that Google maps the web sources and connects you to relevant information in no time. If you own a business, Google allows customers to find your services and products through online searches, irrespective of demographics and age. According to statistics, Google is considered a default choice for any search and has received 86% of worldwide traffic in September 2021. Google My Business is a popular way to keep your business listings active and up to date. Digital SEO is the best SEO company in Chennai, helping your business grow by staying on top of Google searches. We help you target and draw the attention of potential customers by staying ahead with every feature. Keep reading to learn about the latest changes in Google My Business features and how to manage your Google profile.

Latest Updates & Features of Google Business Profile

As per the announcement made in November 2021, a lot of changes are about to be witnessed by Google My Business in 2022. We have consolidated a few of the updates, which will allow you to stay ahead of your business competitors. They include:

  1. Google My Business platform is referred to as Google Local or Google+. Currently, it is encouraging people to list directly on maps and search results or use a single location.
  2. Users are encouraged to stop using their GMB apps and instead access the profiles with Google maps or search, which will give them an upgraded experience. By doing so, you will be able to view the star ratings and latest reviews, create a quick google post or an Ad, promote special features, respond at a quicker pace to reviews and view insights and google analytics effortlessly. Most important of all, you will be able to update your listing with your business description, phone number, and entire information.
  3. If you are a small business, instead of managing your GMB profile through the app, you must learn to use google maps and searches. The dashboard which was previously used will be accessible only for bigger businesses. The new tools, updates, and features can be organized through the application only by large companies. But there is still no further information on this particular change.
  4. The chatting facility via Google maps which business owners were using all this while to connect with their customers, has been recently shifted to Google search. Of course! It is good news for business owners as they can view and respond directly through their listings. This offers a greater amount of accessibility to manage other additional listings.
  5. Every new business can carry out all the procedures of Google Business Profile in 2022. All you have to do is gain approval and create your own profile.
  6. Read receipts are a new update that has been included in messages. This is made available for both the recipient and the sender. It is a useful addition that benefits even small businesses. By opening the chat, they can answer the queries instantly. If you are not sure how to chat with your customers using new shortcuts in Google search, here is a step-by-step guide.
  • Start searching for a brand by typing its name on Google search.
  • You will get a list with GMB shortcuts.
  • Click on the option ‘Customers.’
  • You will see a popup.
  • Choose ‘Messages.’
  • Another new popup appears, opening all chats.

Thus, keeping it simple is the ultimate goal of Google. You can now get the GMB profile which will attract a lot of customers in an affordable way.

Points to Remember When Managing Google Profile

There may be many changes and updates in Google. But when you have accurate information about your business, it will not change or affect you in any way in the long run. Therefore, give importance while feeding the complete details about your business on the Google platform. The subtle changes in Google gives you an advantage in growing your business more efficiently. You can manage even one hundred listings. However, there are a few things to bear in mind while managing a Google profile. These will not be affected by the new changes that will be rolled out in 2022:

What’s Not Changing in 2022?

Primary Category Defines Your Business

The business category is the most important information in your profile. Google has over three thousand categories to offer and also keeps adding new ones on a regular basis. You can select several categories, but when choosing your primary category, pay attention and opt for the specific one that clearly states the nature of your business. It is quite natural for people to get confused and not know what to select. If you feel lost, try looking for terms your competitors use in their map section. Do the basic research and feed in the right term. You have to know that certain features are specific to categories and are only available for businesses falling under those categories. That is, you must be listed under food business if you wish to display a menu on Google. Thus, the primary category is the key to everything.

Additional Profile Attributes Set You Apart

The attributes play a major role in setting you apart from others and depend on the primary category of business. Attributes are essential and are growing in popularity in recent times as they give you a basic idea of what is going on in your business and what to expect, irrespective of the nature of your products and services. This listing will allow you to share information with customers about your business. Businesses can use several other attributes also to add and share information with customers. The options are updated and expanded regularly, so it is recommended that you track them continuously.

Information in GMB Will Not Be Lost

Although changes may come and go with Google Business Profile, no information will be lost. The photos, information, and reviews on your GMB profile will exist and continue to exist despite all updates. Google Business Profile is free for all users. However, there are a lot more opportunities to grow a business with paid Google Ads. Undoubtedly, paid ads are extremely useful for businesses to grow exponentially in a short duration when using a good strategy. But still you can get in touch with your customers without spending anything using the GMB profile.

Change is the Only Constant & You Can Expect More

Now that we have discussed all the changes implemented, you must realize that local SEO will witness a bigger change through promotion and strengthening processes. It is one prediction that will definitely happen. Look ahead and welcome all the new changes. Google will have loads to offer along with subtle challenges. Face them as your responsibility is to accelerate your business amidst any difficulty.

The Takeaway

The pandemic has left a long-lasting and massive impact on shopping, customer behaviour and expectations. You can expectall of these to continue changing, and so will the Google offerings. There is no question here whether we like the change. We must accept the changes no matter how big our business is and continue reaching out to more customers to win the real battle in life. If you are looking for the best SEO company in Chennai,get in touch with Digital SEO, which will help you navigate the new changes and reach out to new customers through GMB easily.

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