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Digital SEO is an assortment of talented professionals with diversified portfolios to form a team comprising of management personnel, web designers, multimedia specialists and digital strategists who work in an integrated manner to generate the desired outcome from projects.

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Digital Marketing Role for Business growth

Digital Marketing Company – Bringing The Internet Under Your Control Rapid growth of Information Technology has changed the way business is perceived. Today it is common to hear terms like online business, e-commerce, e-tailing, etc. These are something that was unthought-of a few years back. With new online market bases being created, the scope to […]

14 Sep 17 Lakshmi Priya

Time Tested Methods To Drive Traffic To Your Website

So, your business now has a website. Welcome to the world of the internet! Your business is now gone global, and you expect customers to pour in. But why isn’t it happening? The answer to your question lies in understanding the ways and means to regulate website traffic to your website. If you are looking […]

31 Aug 17 Lakshmi Priya

Tips To Make An Outstanding Website Design

A thousand websites are popping on the internet every single day in every field imaginable. If you are planning on launching a website to promote your products or services, you have to keep a couple of things in mind to make sure that your website is noticed by your targeted market segment. All websites have […]

23 Aug 17 Lakshmi Priya

Yes Eeee Oh! Startling Facts Bursting The SEO Bubble!

The Term SEO has become an everyday jargon to any business house in the present-day. At first, it was an enigma to many, but as days rolled on, it has become one of those “I know how they do it” things! Many self-acclaimed SEO experts pick up bits and pieces of info(mostly from the web) and become overnight Demi-Gods in the field. Living in the land of Demi-Gods,

21 Aug 17 Lakshmi Priya

Top Ideas From The Experts On the Best Places To Post Your Content

Writing a unique article or creating unique content that hits all the right spots is just the first step in the world of search engine optimization. The next step is very crucial in ensuring that the content is able to reach the market segment you were targeting. This includes placing the content at the right […]

28 Jul 17 Lakshmi Priya

Tips To Create Original & Informative Content To Your Blog

Bloggers are confronted with the challenge of creating unique and innovative content to raise their ranking. There are millions of blogs that come up with endless topics, and it seems that all topics have been covered. Quality is a major factor that cannot be compromised if you are looking for blogging success. People are driven […]

25 Jul 17 Lakshmi Priya

Is Your Website Still Low In Search Engine Rankings? Learn These SEO Tricks!

Where is the first place you would rush to if you need info on something? The answer of the majority would be ‘Google’! Have you ever imagined how many search requests are Google handling every day? Search engines are used by millions and trillions of people and hence there is no wonder why SEO is […]

03 Jul 17 Lakshmi Priya

A Few SEO Techniques For The Success Of Your Online Business!

Success won’t come knocking at your door; it happens when a lot of factors come together in the right manner. The success in an online business comes with real effort. Search Engine Optimisation is the success mantra in the online business field. Those websites which rank high in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) are the […]

03 Jul 17 Lakshmi Priya

Unleash The Power Of Facebook To Help You Connect Locally

Ask any SEO expert in Chennai, and they will tell you how important it is to involve social media for generating business. With Facebook turning into a verb, rather than a noun, here are general ideas on staying connected with the local people. Add Pictures Of  Your Work Culture We mean genuine pictures and not […]

18 Apr 17 Lakshmi Priya

Why Is Analytics So Important In Digital Marketing?

In an industry, the marketing section has an important role to play. There is an increasing number of integrated, complex as well as highly specialized components belonging to advertising sectors and marketing sectors that should work together in cooperation for any brand to be impactful and efficient. Even a digital marketing company in Chennai has […]

23 Feb 17 Lakshmi Priya

What You Should Do To Stay On The Top Of Google Rankings

One of the biggest challenges an SEO faces today is staying ahead of the competition and maintaining its top ranking in Google pages. The search interface is ever evolving with new algorithm updates and other changes. Staying ahead of Google updates is an absolute necessity for the very existence of any SEO company in Chennai. […]

08 Feb 17 Lakshmi Priya

When Two Worlds Collide – Demonetization and SEO

Demonetization In a Nutshell Demonetization, the word that took the largest democratic country in the world by storm is one every Indian is familiar with at the moment. Narendera Modi, the Prime Minister of India, managed to throw a curve ball at the unsuspecting citizens of the country by announcing that the 500 and 1000 […]

08 Feb 17 Nikhath Khalid

How Atomic Design Can Benefit Your Team

Atomic design is the latest update to web designing. As technology is becoming smarter day by day, every Web development company in Tirunelveli is beginning to include atomic designing as part of their work. The concept of Atomic design was developed by the designer Brad Frost who was inspired by the atomic structure in chemistry. […]

16 Jan 17 Lakshmi Priya

Boosting Your Organic CTR With A Few Tried And Tested Tips

The more customers you have, the more buyers you get. To attract potential customers, you need to know the tricks to increase the traffic to your website. One of the best methods of doing this is to improve your organic CTR. Many people overlook this factor which is vital to your business. Every Digital marketing […]

11 Jan 17 Lakshmi Priya

It’s Time To Pep Your Contents Up TEN Times

The online marketing world operates on a new buzzword termed 10x contents. Trying to remain on par with your competitors, stay tuned to know more about the creation of 10x contents. Let’s consider these images to get a quick idea. Visual images impart the essence of the message in no time. As portrayed in the […]

07 Jan 17 Aruna Muthuraman

Hit The Bull’s Eye With 180 Degree Contents!

There’s a new buzzword in content marketing: the 180-degree content. No, it has nothing to do with shooting a panorama wide view of your marketing strategies. Rather the principle behind 180 technique content is simple yet ingenious. With the 180 technique content, you can: Drive Organic Traffic to your site or blog Pull in readers […]

07 Jan 17 Vaishnavi

What Is Trending Right Now In The Field Of Graphic Design?

Trends are influenced by fashion, technology and other emerging industries. They can be short lived or can reemerge after some time. Trends have their own peaks and lows. Some may reappear after a couple of years to remain in vogue for a limited period. People who do not follow the designing trends can get tips […]

17 Dec 16 Lakshmi Priya

How SEO Copywriting Can Be Optimized For Search Engines?

Building traffic for your website needs you to come up with smarter content. SEO experts are finding it challenging to produce content that is informative and at the same time search engine optimized for companies. Many think SEO is a complicated business, but once you realize the importance of first hand and informative content and […]

10 Dec 16 Lakshmi Priya

Tips To Use LinkedIn As A Marketing Tool

LinkedIn was initially launched in 2003 as a social networking website. Currently, it has more than 467 million accounts, making it a hugely viable option for anyone looking for a new job or looking to employ new people, who are experts in their fields. LinkedIn raked in fame with its ability to connect professionals throughout […]

16 Nov 16 Lakshmi Priya

Top 5 Ways To Optimise Your Site For Mobile Users

When there occurred a paradigm shift from desktop to mobile, web design also moved from UI to UX. Even though UI still plays an important role in creating sites optimised for mobile access, the User Experience (UX) plays a far more important role now. User experience is something that traverses across the boundaries of aesthetics […]

07 Nov 16 Lakshmi Priya

How Google Play Studio Can Help You Create Better Reports?

Seo companies have to constantly keep ahead of competitors as they need their pages to appear at the top of the search pages. They need to research and understand all the latest trends in the field. Have you felt that there is so much data to collect and compiling all this is becoming a major […]

17 Oct 16 Lakshmi Priya

Real Time Solutions For Quantifying The Impact Of Social Media Marketing

With an array of articles to boost social media and marketing campaigns flooding across the internet, this one offers a plenty of time-tested solutions that have been proven under different circumstances. When you incorporate proven solutions into your business practice after customizing it to your needs you can witness a great deal of return on […]

11 Oct 16 Lakshmi Priya

More Small Businesses Turn Towards Social-Media Marketing

Businesses all around the world are facing some of the most difficult challenges ever experienced. The world has gotten smaller and the borders between local and international markets have all but faded away. The customer has become smarter and much savvier to the way the markets work. To some extent, most of the credit lies […]

28 Sep 16 Lakshmi Priya

Survive Cut-Throat Competition Of Business Today, With Smart SEO Strategies

SEO and online marketing are inseparable. Why do online marketing companies adopt SEO strategies, is a question that has a long list of answers. SEO is convenient and the results are quick when compared to other marketing strategies. There are loads of benefits SEO can offer. Check out SEO service in Chennai and they will […]

14 Sep 16 Lakshmi Priya

Content Marketing: It’s More Than Just A Sales Pitch!

Never before in history has business been so competitive. It’s no longer just local shops competing against each other, while selling their wares. Today, the boundaries that separate local and international markets are slowly blurring away…. and, some of the credit must go the internet. At the click of a mouse (or more recently the […]

14 Sep 16 Anitha

Smart Digital Marketing Ideas To Improve The Online Presence Of Your Business

All businesses do realize the need for digital marketing as much as traditional marketing. Digital marketing is probably more effective that traditional marketing as it reaches out to the right audience and has a higher conversion rate. While many big and successful businesses have already established their presence online, even small businesses stand an equal […]

23 Aug 16 Lakshmi Priya

Digital Marketing Evolves Against Search Algorithms

Digital marketing is as important as or even more important than traditional marketing strategies for a successful business or organization. Companies need to establish their presence online. Earlier it was as simple as creating a website and sprinkling it with few keywords and links but not anymore. As artificial intelligence is applied to search algorithms […]

09 Aug 16 Lakshmi Priya

Tread The Road To Success With SEO Career Advantages

Not many take up SEO as a career option. There is no special university course to excel in this career. Most SEO experts learn the tricks of the trade through experience. People preferring SEO as their career option can be rest assured that there is high demand for the job. Initially, web master performed SEO […]

27 Jul 16 Lakshmi Priya

How Social Media Can Make or Break a Business

A recent study claimed that more than 85% of all businesses have a dedicated social handle which they used as part of their products’ promotional campaign. With the introduction of more social media platforms, each day to keep people in sync with what is new in the world, the business of online promotion through social […]

22 Apr 16 Lakshmi Priya

Tips to Make Your WordPress Site Unique

If you really want to make your website special and awesome to increase the number of page visitors, you need to follow the steps mentioned below. There are three main steps to increase the quality of your site and its homepage. Ensure that the homepage colors are unique, making your brand standout Keep in mind […]

17 Mar 16 Joe Jorbaa

Top Tips to Make Your Food Blog SEO Friendly

Ramya leads the Content writing team at Digital SEO Chennai & with her MBA background, she has versatile knowledge about various verticals. She applies her decade and a half of experience in her work which gets imparted to the clients of Digital SEO. Being a mother and cook, Ramya dedicates this post to all those […]

01 Sep 14 Ramya

An SEO Guide For Creating WordPress Websites

An SEO friendly site is what will take you to your online glory. Hence, it is only fair that you ensure that the SEO for your site is spot-in while launching your digital marketing campaign. This enhances your online visibility and brings in organic traffic which improves the business’s overall performance. There are surplus web […]

15 Jul 14 Lakshmi Priya

Panda 4.0 – Who Benefited And Who Lost Out!

The roll out of two major updates in Panda 4.0 has jolted the e-commerce world with many well ranked sites losing out and some not so popular ones gaining recognition. The impact of Panda 4.0 ha impacted approximately 7.5% of English search queries across the globe. Any SEO enthusiast will tell you, that this is […]

12 Jul 14 Lakshmi Priya

Tabling Questions Before Hiring An SEO Specialist

Search Engine Optimization is a term that can be confusing, even if you are a wee bit ignorant about what it is and how it is done. Companies that hire such companies will be doing themselves a huge favor, if they understand how important it is for them to cross question SEO companies and consultants […]

07 Jul 14 Lakshmi Priya

Understand Why Its Important For A Company To Blog

Many companies in the contemporary setup have questions about blogging as most of them feel that social media is restricted to social networks and tweets. These people are either misguided or have a misconception about blogging. Blogs are the traditional form of social media. It has been around for quite some time and it was […]

03 Jul 14 Ramya

Understanding Advanced Google Search In Layman Language

In the era of intensive searches to cater the needs of micro level information gathering enthusiasts, Google is offering intrinsic search options that enable us to search for niche centric contents. Though the popular search option is yet the general search window, micro level searches have begun to spread like wild fire. Hence, it becomes […]

01 Jul 14 Lakshmi Priya

The Panda, The Penguin and The Hummingbird

Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird are popular names in the animal kingdom alright, but they are also the names of Google algorithm updates. The Hummingbird has been the biggest change that has impacted search engine results to a very large extent in comparison to Panda and Penguin updates. The Panda and The Penguin The Main aim […]

25 Jun 14 Lakshmi Priya

Contents and Search Engine Rankings – The Romance Continues

New trends have become the trend in Internet marketing but there is one thing that has remained constant all through the algorithm updates – contents and their impact on search engine rankings.  With an increasing online traffic leading to an increase in the amounts of money spent on digital marketing, it becomes important and necessary […]

10 Jun 14 Ramya

Managing Your Reputation on Social Media

The impact of the social media on businesses is there for all to see. Social media marketing has become an integral part of the digital marketing scene in the present day. There is many an inspiring tale that tells about how social media helped in sky-rocketing a business as it presents a level playing field […]

10 Jun 14 Lakshmi Priya

How to Create Google Friendly Content

Content is King as far as the search engine optimization goes and SEO plays a vital role in ensuring that you gain website visibility is the vast open sea of the internet. All the three Google algorithms Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird have shown us that a poorly written keyword stuffed website content can actually blacklist […]

05 Jun 14 Ramya

You Know Its Time To Change The Look of Your Website When…..

If you are one of those who thinks that having a website is good enough for an online presence – sorry to say that you are completely wrong! If you haven’t given your website a makeover in recent times then here are a few things that indicate that it’s high time to give it one […]

01 Jun 14 Lakshmi Priya