Anything that can be seen drives the message harder than any other medium. With social media ruling everything in our lives, it is estimated 10 billion videos are being watched every day. Find it hard to believe? Out of the 10 million, 8 million of them are watched on Facebook while Instagram is slowly trying to catch up with the race. The video marketing trends in 2018 is only going to increase going forward and this is the right time for marketers to put this trend to good use for their campaigns. Here is what you need to know about setting up your own video marketing campaign.

One of the advantages of the video campaign is that the message reaches the audience much quicker than any other formats. If you are promoting a product or a service, a video demonstration goes a long way in explaining your product than typing text. Not only videos even GIFs, info commercials and how-to videos are equally in demand. This makes video marketing one of the important strategies to consider.

When you think of video and online together, YouTube is the first platform that comes to mind. Unfortunately, due to the sheer number of videos available on YouTube and the level of competition involved, YouTube is no longer the preferred medium. On the other hand, Facebook is trying to become the biggest platform for sharing the videos. Facebook is taking YouTube head on and it is only going to be sometime before Facebook turns out to be the leader.

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Snapchat is another app that is slowly gathering attention. More than two billion videos are viewed on snapchat alone. The only trouble with snapchat is that the life of snapchat videos are only for twenty-four hours and sometimes even lesser. Therefore, there is a certain urgency to view the video before it can disappear out of the feed which makes it compelling to watch.

Instagram also allows people to post videos and recently they have enabled the option for users to go live from their account. Therefore, you and your friend could do a live from wherever you are. An artist can collaborate with another and take their work to a new level.dsblog

There are many reasons why videos work the best today as a marketing tool. The main reason being Video marketing helps in minimizing cost as the production cost is very less. There are many tools available for editing the videos and shooting them is much easier as you can do so with just our smartphone. There are also many professional services that are available for a price that is much lesser than you can imagine.

Videos are not only meant for marketing at times it is also used for spreading awareness or information in a simple and clear way. One can use videos as a form of training or educational one for customers to know more about their products or services.

Next time you plan a marketing campaign, take into consideration making videos as part of your marketing strategy to improve the success rate.

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