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WhatsApp was initially used as a form of communication between people located in different parts of the world. Gradually different features were included like voice call, video call, and group creation and so on. The increase in the number of participants allowed in the group led to many people to consider using WhatsApp as a way of communicating with their clients or customers. This led to the inception of the latest app on the market known as WhatsApp Business.

This particular app has been created to improve the overall business experience. It is free-to-download Android app, making it apt for small businesses to connect with their customers regardless of their location. In fact, many Digital Marketing services in Chennai have also started using this innovative app as a part of their marketing strategy to reach out to potential customers.

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WhatsApp Business enables users to run this app as well as WhatsApp on the same device, using two phone numbers. Hence, you get to continue using your personal number for communicating via WhatsApp and a separate number for communicating using the new WhatsApp Business app. The intention behind this innovation is to give business owners a more organized way of running their business and establish clear boundary rules right from the beginning.

Features Offered By Business WhatsApp

If you are wondering how the latest WhatsApp Business app differs from the earlier WhatsApp app, you have come to the right place. WhatsApp Business makes it easier for businesses to chat with their clients and customers in addition to the tools listed below:

· Creating Business Profiles
WhatsApp Business allows its users to create a business profile that lists out important information including the business description, website address, contact information and so on. This helps create a more professional aura, impressing your client and encouraging them to try out your products or services.

· Messaging Tools
WhatsApp Business, unlike WhatsApp, offers an option of quick replies that help you answer frequently asked questions in a jiffy. Some of the immediate responses also include greeting messages which provide a short introduction to your business to new clients. You can also set up an away note if you are currently not available, letting the customers know when you will be back as well.

· Messaging Statistics
This nifty little tool will enable you to review the metrics related to how many people have read your message. This can be useful to tweak your messages to find out what works and what doesn’t. After all, once you get the word out, your customers will start flocking to your group.

· WhatsApp Web:
The best part about WhatsApp Business is that it can be integrated with your desktop, enabling you to receive and send messages from your PC or laptop. You need not sit hunched over your mobile screen any longer.

· Account Type:
Since your account will be listed as a business account, people will be aware that they are talking to a business. As time goes by, WhatsApp Business will be introducing verified or confirmed accounts after checking whether the business phone number and the account phone number matches. This is why Digital Marketing companies in Chennai are flocking towards creating an account as soon as possible

How WhatsApp for Business Works?

WhatsApp Business is available on Google Play for free at the moment. If you are planning on trying out his new app, here are a few steps to help you find your footing:

· Search for the app by the name “WhatsApp Business” in Google Play Store
· .Accept the terms and conditions and download the app to your device.
· Ensure that you have a separate phone number that is not associated with another WhatsApp account. Use this number to register your account and enter information related to your business.
· Now you can start communicating with your customers and monitor the activity of the business as well using any of the tools mentioned earlier.

Whatsapp Marketing 1Although there are several other apps currently available to help small business run their daily activities, WhatsApp Business is planning on using its ease of use and popularity of the WhatsApp app to make it to the top of the market. Interestingly, many small business owners are already using WhatsApp to interact with their customers, the extra features offered by WhatsApp Business makes it easier for them to jump to a new platform that offers plenty of new features without losing the old ones, which is a win-win situation for all parties involved.

WhatsApp Business will also support structured messages which can be very advantageous to marketing businesses. These structured messages are actually messages that consist of a lot of information like text, action items, images, translation of the message and so on. This enables the sender to include a lot of information within the same message. The translated messages will help business owners cater to a larger market especially in countries like India where several languages are spoken in the country. Similar to Twitter and Instagram, WhatsApp Business will also be offering businesses the chance to get verified and display a green tick next to their name, making it official. However, you will not be allowed to add the tick on your own using an emoji, thereby protecting customers from getting duped as well. If you are planning on creating an account on WhatsApp business, make sure that you finalize the name of the business account, as you will not be allowed to change it later on. However, the display picture can be updated as and when you wish.

If you are considering expanding your business in the coming years, using WhatsApp Business app will help you figure how to capture the market’s interest through the message statistics tool. The WhatsApp official blog states that customers will be informed about potentially fraudulent transactions and thereby protect all parties involved. The WhatsApp Business app will surely change the way small and medium businesses operate in the coming years. Be smart and jump on to the band wagon before it gets too late.

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