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Trends are influenced by fashion, technology and other emerging industries. They can be short lived or can reemerge after some time. Trends have their own peaks and lows. Some may reappear after a couple of years to remain in vogue for a limited period. People who do not follow the designing trends can get tips from the industry shifts.

It is best to avoid the trend if it is overused and take a new twist to something interesting. Forecasting trends is a tricky task but industry experts in the field of web design and SEO in Chennai have found it appealing. Here are some graphic designing trends that made it to the front this year.

Contemporary Retro style

Designers are moving away from vintage or old school retro style to a modern retro style that is influenced by the happenings in the recent past. Old school retro style was predominant in 1900 to 1960s. The following years from late 1970 to 1990 have seen the emergence of video games, space themes, pixel art and more cool trends. Some of the designs are influenced by technology themes like cellular phones, PC, monitors, mouse, etc. One noteworthy theme includes the vinyl record plate merged with the solar system giving an entirely retro feel for music lovers.

Broken alphabetical forms

Broken letter formats have been in trend for long and this year it has taken a new dimension. Many studios are working on this type of alphabetical blends. These eye-catching trends were popularly adapted during the London Design Festival this year. You can use oversized letters or running letters based on your design theme. There are unlimited possibilities and the designers are trying everything possible within the range to create stunning designs.

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Make it simple

Who said simple is not attractive? Anything simple can deliver the message straight and this has been the graphics rule for long. Simplification is giving a new lease of life this year with the content getting attractive to our eyeballs making the design work appreciable and understandable. The need for designs to work on the handheld devices has paved the way for simple creations.

With the devices getting smaller and smaller like the phone screens and smartwatches, designers are finding it challenging to create attractive and understandable images. Big names like Subway, Instagram, Mastercard, Pandora among others have adapted simplification.

Colours galore

Colours have always delighted the masses. Designers have always embraced colour pop-ups but this year it has moved from muted tones to pastels and bright neons. This year is the time for eye-catching hues and you can see it everywhere. Many designers have used a riot of colours to communicate their message. From bright orange to blood red you can find an amalgamation of colours getting into the designs.

Reviving your brand

Give your brand a rebirth with your old designing trends. The design world is primarily taken over by nostalgia and designers have worked with various levels to take the inspiration to a new level. For instance, Kodak no more uses the text branding and has embraced the old red and black shutter logo of the past. In most cases, companies are refurbishing their old logo to give a new dimension to their business. The old logos are given a modern twist to survive the competitive industry. It is far more than just cut and paste and has set a precedent for the future.


Designing has evolved over a period of time, thanks to the technological advancement in the field. The software provides faster and innovative designs. Each day new designs are created giving no room for repetition. To add to this, the rise of artificial intelligence has taken the world of graphic designing to a whole new level.

The launch of Sensei from Adobe at their Annual Conference held in November combine design, animation and photos Tools with AI. It can recreate the photo elements, fonts, objects in your photo tags. The open source from Google, Tensorflow, an AI is all set to take the industry by storm next year. The future of graphics work will take a different turn with the emergence of this app informs industry experts.

There are so many trends emerging in the field of graphic designing and it is up to the designer to keep abreast with the developments and come out with stunning creations.

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