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Where is the first place you would rush to if you need info on something? The answer of the majority would be ‘Google’! Have you ever imagined how many search requests are Google handling every day? Search engines are used by millions and trillions of people and hence there is no wonder why SEO is important. A common mistake that happens in SEO is the adherence to their age-old techniques. However, a few like Chennai SEO services are keen on the need of revamping their techniques and tricks to cope up with the ever-changing search engine algorithms.

Search engines never stop upgrading their algorithms. The twists and turns they bring in every time are sometimes so complex and incomprehensible. So, it goes without saying that SEO techniques should never stop adjusting to the new requirements. Here are some latest SEO tricks which you can try!

Is Your Website Still Low In Search Engine Rankings? Learn These SEO Tricks!Always Keep An Eye On Rankbrain!

Rankbrain, which is an important ranking factor of Google is an Artificial Intelligence System involved in Google’s algorithm. Rankbrain is a highly advanced concept which is self-adjusting in nature and hence it is difficult to comprehend when compared to other factors. It is also very efficient in recognising low-quality contents. So, you have to be very careful about your content strategies.

Personalised Searches Must Be Taken Care Of!
Google is getting advanced day by day. The search results are now personalised based on your location, search history and even the gadget which you use. According to SEO experts in Chennai, the personalised searches are an additional responsibility from SEO perspective. Analysing keyword rankings is not as easy as before. Hence more advanced techniques have to be used to analyse the rankings which are a must for developing your content strategy.

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Keep Working On Voice Searches

The analysis of the trend in the last five years gives a clear indication that voice searches are going to rule the field soon. So, you have to be prepared for it. Voice search optimisation is in its growth phase now. So, starting early research is a must to make sure that you do not fall back when it comes to voice searches.

Look Beyond Google!

Undoubtedly, Google is the most popular in the search engine field. But it does not harm you to think a little beyond that. Instead, it may prove useful in the long run. While developing your content strategies and SEO tricks, try to take into consideration the algorithms of other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, etc. also. It won’t involve a huge effort as the algorithms have many things in similar. So, take this extra step and ensure that you make the best use of every opportunity.

Take Advantage Of The Digitally Inspired Media

Last, but not the least, make use of the media. Press and visual media coverage would definitely give your website a ranking boost. When it comes to social media, it’s a treasure house of opportunities. If you know the right tricks, there is no other better option to drive traffic to websites and to increase the SERP rankings.

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