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Ask any SEO expert in Chennai, and they will tell you how important it is to involve social media for generating business. With Facebook turning into a verb, rather than a noun, here are general ideas on staying connected with the local people.

Add Pictures Of  Your Work Culture

We mean genuine pictures and not Photoshopped images. The number of Facebook users is increasing, and we know our neighbours through their activity on social media. To connect locally and increase your customer base, add photos of your employees at work. Include pictures of team get-togethers, birthday celebrations and ethnic day at work, etc.. People judge the company from what they see on social media.

Visually Challenging

Once you understand your customers, it is easier to curate texts and messages for them. Create GIFs and encourage your customers to share the post. It can be for a cause or spreading cheer on New Year. However, you might like to avoid content that is aimed at a particular political party or celebrity.

Unleash The Power Of Facebook To Help You Connect Locally

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Replace Descriptive Stories With Videos

You might have an entire page explaining how you celebrated the baby shower of a female employee. Why not use video instead? Get all your employees to speak or include some inspirational message from the team leader. This way you have got your message loud and clear, and reached out to a wider audience.

SEO Service in Chennai Use Facebook For Their Business

· Facebook for Business

This is a powerful tool used by a majority of companies. If you are unsure about when to post on Facebook here are few pointers. Early morning is the ideal time to get your business running. This is the time majority of the users check updates.
You can post an ad in the evening. This is the time when people flip out their phones and casually browse. It is a good chance for your ad to get noticed by them.

Once you post your content, do a quick review every day. If you have posted more than one post, find out which of the posts are receiving the maximum views. Alternatively, use Facebook Page Insights to see all the shares and demographics of people who viewed the post.

· Facebook Ads Are A Great ToolUnleash The Power Of Facebook To Help You Connect Locally

Through this, you can avail the flexibility of creating multiple posts to build your audience. They have a targeting option that lets you decide your primary audience. Increase your loyalty by interacting regularly with your customers.

· Become a Member Of Other Similar Groups On Facebook

There are several groups and communities on Facebook that cater to a particular topic. For instance, you can look for SEO, SMO, SEM services and content writing groups and connect with other like-minded people. Interact with the users and offer exciting discounts on your next web development project or a fun walk through on eCommerce consulting.

There is no unnecessary spamming, and it is easier to create brand loyalty in the group. Click on a tab specified as “Discover Groups” and get set to broaden your clientele base.

SEO Expert In Chennai Offer Valuable Ideas On Connecting Right.

When you create a post, remember to focus on the brand. Keep your brand or company’s core values and post relevant images. You must avoid videos with explicit content and remarks. An average reader’s concentration lasts only a few seconds long. It is advised to create a post of a maximum of 250 characters. Anything beyond that will fail to create the desired impact.

You must connect with your customers like a friend. Do not come across as snobbish or boring too. Encourage them to join your mailing list to receive an introductory video on web development or how you mean business with your online reputation management services.

Add a link in the post that is redirected to your company website page. This way, your new customers can get a fair idea of the services and packages you offer.

Final word

Your page on Facebook is another extension of your brand. Keep your target audience updated on all the details. Whether you are getting a website redesign or expanding your business in a new city, keep your audience informed. Rather than spending hordes of money to create Facebook ads, focus on increasing the quality of your content. You will automatically drive the customers to your page.

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