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LinkedIn was initially launched in 2003 as a social networking website. Currently, it has more than 467 million accounts, making it a hugely viable option for anyone looking for a new job or looking to employ new people, who are experts in their fields. LinkedIn raked in fame with its ability to connect professionals throughout the world through their common areas of expertise.

Many professional freelancers and even companies have been using LinkedIn to promote their services globally. Hence LinkedIn also acts as a way to market your wares online similar to Social Media Marketing Chennai. Since the users at LinkedIn are interested in building up their professional image to appeal to future employees, most of the users adopt a very professional attitude to it.

While LinkedIn remains first and foremost as a job market, the availability of different professionals with expertise in their own fields all assembled a single umbrella is a unique feature of it. This makes it easier to access a particular group of people while promoting your company on LinkedIn.

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Similar to any form of internet marketing, LinkedIn is an inexpensive way to promote your online business and reach your target audience at the same time. The first step towards marketing on LinkedIn would be creating an account, then set up a LinkedIn company page as it will be the first place that a new customer will be interacting with. The company page should be connected to your profile page so that users can see the personal touch behind the company, they can also assess your experience and qualifications through the profile.

The company page can be used to update the professional community on the latest developments in your organization. You can also include any news updates that are deemed relevant to your organization. Frequent updates can give your business an active and serious look. Now, the next step is to start marketing your business. There are two ways to go about this,

  • Aggressive LinkedIn Marketing
  • Passive LinkedIn Marketing

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Aggressive LinkedIn Marketing

With the advantage of having the entire professional community as an audience, it makes it easier to take the aggressive approach towards marketing your business. Keep updating your company page and profile page with what your business is currently working, try to include images if possible as it has been revealed in a recent study that images capture the attention of viewers more than the written word.

Keep updating your page with information that would be of interest to the professionals of that particular field as well as your clients. With the frequent updates, your business name will remain prominent in the minds of the professional community, thereby turning to your business when they require your services.

There are many groups on LinkedIn related to different professional disciplines. Most groups have ongoing discussions about the latest trends and news related to their profession. Be sure to be an active participant in such discussions, this helps you to be established as an expert in your field thereby attracting potential new clients.

Always be careful not to spam groups with irrelevant information, as this could lead to you being asked to leave the group. These groups are conducted in a professional manner and everyone is expected to adhere to the normal rules of courtesy and professionalism. LinkedIn has a section where it is possible for you to answer open-ended questions thereby displaying your expertise to people outside your professional circle as well. Try to be as honest as possible while answering to the best of your capability.

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Passive LinkedIn Marketing

This type of marketing includes creating a LinkedIn profile and slowly building up connections. Keeping your profile updated with your current work can help attract potential clients and customers. Even though passive marketing might seem to take a longer time to achieve its desired goal, it helps to build up a loyal community of satisfied customers.

Some clients are put off by aggressive marketing and do not like being harassed constantly by business owners. A passive marketing style appeals to them and they can also help bring in more business with their satisfied reviews on LinkedIn under your profile.

Recommendations from previously satisfied customers act similar to word of mouth endorsements thereby increasing your credibility and attracting further potential clients and customers. Even though the results might not seem apparent immediately, LinkedIn can help build up your brand slowly to be more established in the professional world.

Make use of LinkedIn and boost your digital marketing strategies.

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