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A Facebook Ad is defined as any advertisement created by a business that is promoted amongst Facebook users based on their user activity, device usage, demographic information, etc. Facebook offers a lot of extra exposure and ability to reach a wide audience, making it popular amongst many business owners. Although Facebook ads are deemed to be helpful in creating a buzz about your brand, you will need to hone your techniques to make this ad campaign successful. A Facebook ad is much more than finding a nice image and a line that goes along with it. It requires a balance between science and art to get it right. Here are a few key elements of a successful Facebook ad:

Eye-catching Visual
Facebook understands how visuals play a huge role in catching the eye of the audience and hence requires their ads to have only 20% text. There are several tools online that you can use to check whether your ads are in compliance with the rules laid down by Facebook.

Enticing Value Proposition
Facebook ads need a hook to capture their audience. A value proposition helps out with the task. According to the top firms specializing in web marketing Chennai, a strong value proposition needs to be more factual than subjective. It also needs to be to the point so that the viewer is immediately aware of what they are being offered. If you manage to make your value proposition sound too good to pass, then you have hit the jackpot!

Targeted Audience
Facebook offers you the option of creating different ads for a different audience. This
enables you to play different strength for each audience to ensure that they get interested in your Facebook ads. Although the product might be same at the end of the day, it ultimately ends on how it was pitched to your targeted customers. PPC Services In Chennai are also used to target a particular audience.

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 On Point Call-To Action
A clear call-to-action in your Facebook ad will get your customers moving and start clicking. Some popular examples of CTS include

  •  Sign Up
  •  Shop Now
  •  Download
  •  Play Game
  •  Watch More
  •  Learn More
  •  Use App
  •  Book Travel

Appeal To The Emotions Of The Audience
Ads thrive on their ability to connect with their targeted audience on an emotional level. A Facebook ad also needs to be able to appeal to the emotions of its audience to be deemed successful by the experts.

Tips From The Best SEM Company in Chennai

tips from Digital seo

The number of Facebook users has been increasing exponentially with its introduction to the virtual world. It has ceased being a place where friends and family reconnect and has evolved into a sophisticated business place where businesses can target audiences and push their ads towards them. However, with plenty of companies jumping onto the bandwagon to take advantage of the huge reach that Facebook ads offers, it is critical to be able to create an ad campaign that stands out from the crowd. The ad targeting feature offered by Facebook is one of the reasons it has become such a popular platform for businesses and companies. Some different ways to target your ad campaign on Facebook are:

  • Custom audiences:
    This allows you to target potential leads and existing customers based on their online activities.
  • Location:
    If your business offers services or products only available in a particular area, you can target the audience according to the city, state or country.
  •  Gender:
    This option allows you to target your ads towards a particular gender based otn eh products you are offering.
  • Interests:
    This is one of the best approaches, as it allows you to approach a viable customer who has already expressed interest in the kind of products or services you offer.
  • Connections:
    You can target the people on the friend list of your customers, enabling you to reach a wider audience who will have similar tastes and preferences.

The Two Types Of Facebook Ads According To The Top Seo Company In Chennai


Facebook offers two different types of ads that business owners and companies can choose from as seen below:

Sponsored Posts
The posts that appears right above your Facebook newsfeed are called sponsored posts. They are often portrayed as posts from your friends in your newsfeed to capture your attention quickly. Any digital marketing company in Chennai can help you create this type of Facebook ads.

Right-Hand Column Ad
These ads appear in the column on the right side of your Facebook feed. Although they are a bit smaller in size, they cannot be scrolled through and manage to create an impact on its target audience.

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