Search Engine Optimization(SEO) ranking concept in small business.

7 Compelling SEO Strategies For Small Businesses

After successfully launching your small business and a new website, you are disappointed to find that neither your customer list nor your sales have improved. You are still waiting to see the results you were expecting.

What your website probably requires is the magical SEO touch to bring it out from the digital alleyways into the spotlight.

Digital SEO, the leading SEO company in Chennai, guides you with winning SEO strategies to optimise your website, increase organic traffic, and achieve the desired results.

Why Do Small Businesses Require SEO?

One of the biggest challenges for any business is competition, and small businesses face some of the fiercest competitors in their business niche. Here’s where SEO or Search Engine Optimisation becomes your ally in enhancing your site visibility across the digital spectrum. The right SEO strategies make you more discoverable to your local clients.

Also, many small and upcoming businesses think they cannot compete with well-established brands and companies. Contrary to this opinion, when implemented properly, a well-planned local SEO strategy can significantly increase your digital presence and bring you more customers.

In short, SEO puts your small business on the map so that it can be found by the right people in the right place. These strategic efforts give you:

  • Increased organic traffic
  • Larger customer base from new geographical locations
  • Better awareness of your products and services
  • Round-the-clock online business
  • Increase in customer numbers to your physical stores
  • Higher search engine ranks

Let’s walk you through each SEO strategy to outshine your competitors and boost your rankings.

Run An SEO Audit

Is your website in good shape? To find out, you need to do an SEO audit.

To run an SEO audit, you will need tools like Semrush to:

  • Analyse your competitors
  • Identify on-page and off-page issues
  • Analyse your backlinks
  • Identify duplicate content
  • Identify broken links and missing meta descriptions

With regular audits, you can address minor issues, enable consistent optimisation, and climb search engine rankings.

Set Up Your Google Business Profile

If you have just entered the world of business, a Google Business Profile (GBF) can help potential customers find you on Google Search and Google Maps. GBF is free of cost and allows you to share vital details such as:

  • Your location
  • Contact numbers
  • Opening and closing times
  • Photos of your store
  • Images of your products or services

You can also update these details regularly to keep your customers duly informed.

Use Relevant Keywords

Keywords are an incredibly valuable SEO aspect. When you use the exact phrase, it can work like a magic charm. However, the trick lies in finding the right keyword. You should:

  • Think about what your customer would use to look for your business
  • Use keywords based on your business niche
  • Use long-tail keywords with your location
  • Track the ones used by your competitors
  • Use keyword research tools to simplify your job
  • Periodically review and refine your keywords to ensure they are still relevant.

Get Your Business Name Into Directories

Not all customers rely only on Google to find small businesses. Review websites and reliable business directories are other sources for small businesses, especially niche ones. Moreover, directories also link to your website, which means you can use your competitor’s backlink profile to find your relevant directories.

Spruce Up Your Content For Customers

To develop engaging content that connects with your customers, consider posting blogs monthly or weekly. However, determining what to write about can be challenging. One approach is to identify long-tail keywords using the Google search box.

When posting blogs, try to:

  • Match search intent
  • Use relevant keywords
  • Use optimised meta titles and H tags
  • Create well-written, readable content

Build Strong Backlinks

Backlinks are good ranking factors because high-quality backlinks are not easy to get. Hence, it is essential to safeguard your existing links with other websites by:

  • Giving supplier testimonials that are featured on their websites.
  • Highlight your clients on your website, who may feature the same on their site.
  • Getting your products featured on stockist pages.
  • Offering to write guest posts for other websites from your line of business.
  • Sharing your social media content increases the chances of finding valuable backlinks.
  • Using SEO tools to find backlink opportunities.

You can also seek the help of link-building services to do this job for you.

Ask For Customer Reviews & Respond To Them.

The significance of reviews for your business cannot be overstated. They serve as the digital equivalent of word-of-mouth and have a considerable impact on customers’ decision-making. A good majority of customers go by Google reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations.

To gather reviews from your customers, you can:

  • Encourage them to leave reviews by providing links via text messages or emails.
  • Respond to all reviews ASAP, regardless of whether it is a positive or negative one.
  • Apologise for reviews relating to bad experiences and offer solutions if possible.
  • Highlight positive reviews on your website and social media platforms.

Monitor your reviews using tools like Google Alerts or Mention. This will help you respond quickly and identify any recurring issues in your business that need attention.

Upgrade Your SEO Strategies With Digital SEO

There’s a vast ocean of SEO strategies to implement to help your small business. From getting you on social media platforms and creating user-friendly websites to monitoring your rankings on a regular basis, it is a continuous work in progress.

Here’s where seasoned SEO professionals like Digital SEO can help you. With our valuable experience and expertise, we can customise our solutions to suit your SEO requirements.

Talk to our team to get the proper guidance. Contact us today!

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