The Panda, The Penguin and The Hummingbird

Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird are popular names in the animal kingdom alright, but they are also the names of Google algorithm updates. The Hummingbird has been the biggest change that has impacted search engine results to a very large extent in comparison to Panda and Penguin updates.

The Panda and The Penguin

The Main aim of Panda and the Penguin updates were to filter out those sites that weren’t playing by the Google rules which had an impact on the sites that didn’t. The ones that were badly affected by the impact of these two updates were the ones who were persistent with questionable tactics of increasing website rankings rather than providing original and high quality content that Google had always preferred.

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Hummingbird and Conversational Search

The Hummingbird has brought in a different perspective of search engine rankings which aims at improving the effectiveness of search queries. The name Hummingbird was chosen by Google with reference to the speed of the bird’s wings and its precision. The biggest difference is that Hummingbird aims at optimizing “conversational search” making search queries more effective for Google users. This has been done considering the fact that mobile users are popularly using voice searches. There is a clear difference between type search and voice search – e.g. while typing you may search for “good hotel cheap Chennai” but while using voice search it may be “what’s a good but cheap hotel in Chennai”.

SEO specialists hence have to ensure that search for such proper phrases are optimized instead of targeting erratic keywords that have high search volumes. This has been the Hummingbird impact and search engine optimization specialists are looking to come good by having the right content that’s highly informative and offers quality contents.

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