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Content & Content Optimisation – The Major Players

In our previous blog, we covered a few tools that marketers use to optimise their websites for search engines. Continuing our search for the best SEO tools and features, this is the second post in the series. Here we discuss five more promising SEO tools that can make you the top digital marketing company in Chennai and beyond!

Now, let’s take a minute to recap why content optimisation and content play a major role in digital marketing.

Content optimisation tools for better online visibility

Content optimisation techniques help to ensure that you include relevant keywords, title tags, meta tags, and links that search engines look for. The optimised content will provide a stronger signal to the search engines that your website is relevant to the target audience.

Even though all these techniques can be done manually, a content optimisation tool helps to save your precious time. It gives you relevant cues about optimisation to improve your content’s ranking. Wonder how these tools can help you update your website’s contents or create new content that ranks high on search engines? Let’s get to the details!

5 Simple SEO Tools To Boost Your Online Presence

Frase- The Right Way To Optimise Contents

Frase is an affordable and user-friendly tool that small businesses absolutely love. It can help increase organic traffic and improve lead conversion. Frase’s big selling point is its AI tool that develops short content with relevant topics and subtopics. Among its features is a content optimiser tool that suggests ways to improve search engine rankings. This tool can be used to optimise existing content as well as freshly crafted content.

For a team of writers or marketing agencies creating chunks of content, this SEO tool is an excellent alternative. It’s affordable pricing also makes Frase an attractive option for bloggers and small businesses. Some of its incredible advantages incredible features include:

  • Creates and shares brief content within seconds
  • Offers outlines for target keywords
  • Auto assigns deadlines for writers and tags documents according to the stage
  • Imports content from live sites
  • Evaluates topics real-time
  • Exports content to WordPress
  • Integrates Google Docs
  • Includes question research

To know more about the Frase tool and its features, check here. Frase is a paid tool. It offers 3 pricing plans- Basic, Team, and Enterprise. Click here to get the pricing details.

Surfer SEO- The Golden Mine Of On-Page SEO

Surfer SEO completely focuses on data-driven On-Page SEO optimisation techniques and pricing plans. This unique feature keeps it ahead of its competitors. With the help of machine learning algorithms, Surfer SEO continuously and consistently improves its recommendations.

When it comes to finding profitable keywords and optimising your content, this SEO optimisation tool is a great option. Additionally, Surfer SEO offers faster page comparisons and idle page load time suggestions. And, this is exactly why Surfer SEO is quite popular among small businesses and startups. This tool is packed with the following features:

  • Content Editor
  • SERP Analyzer
  • Content Planner
  • SEO Audit
  • Keyword Surfer
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Editor Extension

To know more about the Surfer SEO tool, swing right here. Surfer SEO offers 3 Pricing Plans. Click here to choose one. The AI-Powered Writing & Research Platform

With its AI-powered writing and research platform, delivers high quality optimised content to digital marketers. Aside from intelligently detecting user intent, the tool can also optimise content by guiding users to place phrases, keywords, sections, tags and questions. Furthermore, identifies and compares the ranking pages to determine the content’s effectiveness. In addition to its user-friendly writing and research platform, is also used for obtaining:

  • Analytics and Page scores
  • Backlinks, Domain and Page Authority data
  • Meta tags and headings
  • Highest frequency keywords data
  • H2, H3, H4, H5 and & tags
  • SERP questions, Keywords
  • High-quality topic coverage
  • Related Keyword data with volume and difficulty
  • Tables and Stats
  • Unordered and Ordered Lists
  • Featured Snippets

Interested to know more about Click here! If you are planning to get, you have a variety of pricing plans to choose from. Check it out right here.

Clearscope- The Incredible Optimisation Expert

The Clearscope is a great SEO tool for companies looking out for high quality and relevant content. This tool proposes incredible optimisation solutions to help you compete against your competitors. Regardless of the size of your team, Clearscope provides incredible value. Bloggers and professional companies love Clearscope for its ability to distinguish between top-ranking content and their content. Key features of clear scope are:

  • Keyword research
  • Content optimisation
  • Readability level indicator
  • Competitor analysis
  • Content grading
  • Content management
  • Outline Generator

Wish to check out all the features of Clearscope? Go right here! And, if you need the pricing plan details, you can click here.

Dashword- The Content Improvement Maestro

If quality and easy to read content are what you desire, then Dashword should be your pick. Dashword offers techniques that help you to improve the content on your website and thereby speed up the organic traffic. Content marketers and bloggers with a limited budget will find Dashword an appealing option. It helps you determine smart ways to outrank your competitors. Some features of Dashword include

  • Content grader
  • Competitors content scores and word count
  • Word counter
  • Key topics discovery
  • Keyword recommendations
  • Readability difficulty checker
  • FAQs on your topic to help you give the right answers to your audience
  • Competitor analysis

To know in detail about Dashword, click here. For detailed pricing plans, click here.

Key Takeaway

Choosing the right content optimisation tool is a daunting task, and the key is to identify your real needs. That is why you need to choose the one that is relevant to your content process. Content optimisation software helps businesses stay on top of their game in a world where businesses constantly move online. Start using the 5 smart tools discussed here to make your website stand out and rank way ahead of your competitors.

At Digital SEO, we are a prominent digital marketing company in Chennai that offers endless digital marketing techniques to make your company stand out. Talk to our team today to find the tool that works the best for your business!

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